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BernieMcMahon Posts: 17
Okay, I know this is a stupid question, forgive me! I am filling in our notification for the Registrar of Marriages and the question I am having a blank on is "Please state the (religious) denomination or form of the proposed ceremony:" Now, we are both Catholic and having a normal church wedding so what answer do I put here? :-8
kitten Posts: 893
try 'legal and religious'. i'd say you just put RC.
Baby06 Posts: 307
Roman Catholic should suffice!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Roman Catholic Wedding Mass.
Skippy Posts: 1834
Oh dear, that is a tough one. Hmmmm maybe Islamic or Greek Orthodox perhaps??. Just kidding, I understand your dilemma, sometimes the most obvious questions are actually the hardest ones to answer. You kind of end up thinking about it too much and get stuck.
BernieMcMahon Posts: 17
Thanks girls. Problem solved. I think my brain is back working this morning so hopefully no more stupid questions