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lexiebaby Posts: 153
Just dropped h2b to train station for his weekend away. Don't know how i'm feeling about it. Its only 6 weeks to wedding and i'm afraid he'll come home minus something!!! There is a lovely group of lads going with him but they are messers. Also feeling a bit lonely already! Might as well get stuck into cleaning the house to take my mind off it. Anyone else feel like this!.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Hey my h2b is gone on his stag today aswell! I dropped him to the collection point so hung around a few mins chatting and the things they said they were going to do to him but I know they were only trying to rise me - they are all sensible plus they know I have a temper and will kill them if he doesnt come back in one piece :o0 Wedding not till Sept though! Im sure he'll be fine - I constantly worry about him anyway even when he's at work etc!