Stick-on bra?

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Mustang Sally Posts: 394
My dress is backless...anyone recommend a brand of stick on bra? I think it's my only option, unless I go bra-less. Gonna get cups sewn into the bust of the dress but what a little more support/oopmh! :eek
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
Maybe I should add I'm a 34 C (sometimes D)
Nic2012 Posts: 35
I've used the M&S ones before and found them quite good. I'm the same size as you aswell
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
I was looking at that earlier, thanks!
ros33 Posts: 202
I got some in Debenhams last year and they are grand(im smaller than you tho)
poppy17 Posts: 26
i'm 34b and wear the stick on's all the time for nights out etc. they work fine-the cups clip together in the front so you can "pull yourself together" or unclip! you can get them pretty cheaply in penneys from time to time if you want to try out a few times before the big day