Stopped pill 8 weeks ago when will I get my period??

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Bell Posts: 27
Need some advice girlies, I stopped my pill about 8 weeks ago and I got my period as normal so I thought it would take another 4 weeks to get a "real" period, anyhow hasnt happened, have been very careful as I wanted to give myself the three month break etc, has anyone else had this, I wonder how long more it will be, I know everyone is different but would love to hear from others how it happened for them
April06Bride Posts: 27
Hi Bell, Same thing happened to me - but it turned out I was pregnant :shock: We had been very careful apart from once (but as my mother would say it only takes the once!!) Have you done a preg test?? If there's no possibility that you can be pregnant then wait a couple more weeks - if nothing I would go & see my doctor as you should have come on by then.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
It could take months. Dont worry just keep trying and relax about it. Stressing over it could stop it from happening too
jamie Posts: 96
It took 10 weeks after I stopped taking the Pill for me to get my period and then it was fairly irregular for about 6 months. Only really got back to a "normal cycle" after about a year. Wasn't TTC at the time, just didn't want to be on the Pill anymore.
MissieGold Posts: 1124
took me near 11 weeks - nearly went stir crazy, but they arrived eventually. was told by Doctor not to expect to have anything close to a near cycle till after christmas! :o
Gerbera Posts: 539
When I stopped taking the Pill I got a very bad period about 4 weeks later and figured things were back on track. But then I didn't get another one for 12 weeks! Although we were careful within that time I used countless tests just to be sure that I wasn't actually pregnant. Now, nearly a year later, they're back on track, as in back to a 28 day cycle for the last three months. I suppose everyone is different but if you're worried I would see my GP.
mia Posts: 963
took me about 5 months! Spent a fortune on pregnancy tests just to make sure, won't be going off it again for a long time!