stopping breastfeeding- engorged breasts

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tanyababy. Posts: 511
Girls, I plan to breast feed for maybe 2-3 weeks and then move on to formula. But how do u just stop bfing without your milk filling up and then ur breasts getting engorged? Midwife at ante natal classes was going on about mastitis and engorgement etc but how can you avoid this? Anyone any ideas?
theoracle Posts: 7664
Do not stop bf-ing suddenly, gradually drop the feeds and replace with formula, I would recommend weaning over at least a period of one week and see how you get on. If you notice knots massage them out gently or I always found a hot shower did the trick (allthough that also stimulates milk production). If you do it gradually and over time you should have no problems.
cmor Posts: 638
hi I agree with hu101 - gradual weaning is the only way to go! I started by dropping the last feed and worked back from there over a two week period. As a result I had very little discomfort. Best of luck
silíní Posts: 4219
Gradual weaning is the only way to do it if you want to avoid painful engorgement or mastitis. I stopped at 7m. I dropped one feed a week (ie changed one feed a week to a bottle). I had no problems at all, and i would have had lots of milk because babs was older. If you feel engorged from the missing feed, pump off JUST ENOUGH TO FEEL COMFORTABLE by hand or using pump. DONT pump off a lot or your boobs will think baby needs it. You could maybe drop a feed every 3 days if you want to do it faster. If your baby is very young you may find they need a lot less bottle feeds than breastfeeds. S