Stretching Strappy shoes

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Hearts07 Posts: 540
Hi, I bought shoes for my wedding which have an enclosed heel and strappy bits accross the front with diamonte (about 4 straps each side accross the toes if that makes sense). The problem is, I tried them on last week and the straps were hurting. Last night I put them on with thick socks to see if I could stretch them and I felt like the circulation was being cut off to my feet. Anyone any suggestions on how to stretch them? Want to avoid buying another pair because I really like these
shoegals Posts: 1640
You could go to a shoemender and see if they have a machine that could do that for you, might solve the problem although I'm not too sure.
Hearts07 Posts: 540
Thanks Shoegals, never knew one of those machines even existed!
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
What about moleskin? I have strappy sandals that cut into my feet and I got moleskin patches and stuck them to my feet where it was hurting. Worked fairly well.....not a compete cure but a lot less sore than if I didn't use it and no blisters the next day!
Hearts07 Posts: 540
Thanks Wifey-Pooh, never tried moleskin before. Can it be seen on your feet or is there a way to work around the straps so nobody can see it?
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
I bought a shoe stretcher from the Kleenez catelogue but I see them on ebay [url:1f42djyx][/url:1f42djyx] I put it in each shoe overnight and they aren't pinching anymore
Hearts07 Posts: 540
Thanks so much [email protected] That looks like exactly what I need. I just need to stretch the sides where the straps are hurting
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
The moleskin is skin coloured and you can stick it to your foot or to the shoe. I'd say though, stretching the shoes sound best for you.....the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be trying to keep sticky bits on your feet!! :o0