Suits for the Boys - Where you getting yours??

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MrsWigwam Posts: 558
Hi I am just wondering where everyone is getting/has got there wedding suits from - Blacktie is the obvious but i have heard a few horror stories, just wondering if anyone has anywhere else they they can recommend...
itwillfly Posts: 11
if you are anywhere near newry at all, go to louis boyds (not in the buttercrane - in the town) they are the most helpful people you could meet, have a great selection - and a lot cheaper than anything you will be quoted in the south - we are definately being ripped off!
pluppy Posts: 3519
pronupita, they do a 5 day hire which is great no running around the following day to return suits
stinky Posts: 606
If you are going for blacktie just leave yourself loads of time. Make everyone try everything on when you pick them up so that if anything is the wrong size you can bring it straight back. There are loads of men's suits places - look up the supplier list on this website and other wedding websites.
BlushingB Posts: 1634
Pronuptia just behind Jervis Street. The guys in there are so attentive and really know their stuff. Blacktie can go shove their raggedy assed shabby suits up their jacksies! Attrocious customer service. H2B said that even if Pronuptia were twice the price, he'd never give the custom to Blacktie. Turns out they're about the same kind of price, but the suits are much nicer and the staff are a pleasure to deal with. I'd read horror stories in here about Blacktie already, but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Some 2 foot git managed to run us out of there. Stay well clear!
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
[quote:2cu15xug]pronupita, they do a 5 day hire which is great no running around the following day to return suits[/quote:2cu15xug] thats good 2 know esp for country weddings. i was thinking of Bond Bros have to say when the boys all used them for my bros wedding they were great havent used them of late but was considoring it.
clucky Posts: 26471
my h2b got his in suits for you in liffey valley - apparently its lovely so his mam said and i trust her and the service was excellent
shadow Posts: 1866
We got ours in Blacktie, and had no problems.
lopats Posts: 692
we're getting ours in terry michaels in newbridge lots of selection and eddie is lovely to deal with you dont have to bring them back for 3 days either
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
I havn't a clue although some of the suits in Blacktie can look a bit shite IMHO. I was strongly thinking of going with a reputable dealer near my hometown down the country, but our bestman, groomsmen, H2b's father, etc, etc are all living in different parts of the country. Anybody know what you'd do? Maybe feck them all and get them to come down some weekend and get fitted in the same place.