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baby4me Posts: 455
hi girls did any of you hear that its bad luck to go into a graveyard when pregnant!! a friend of mine brother died and i dont want to ask anyone cause im only 5 weeks thanks
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
If your superstitious, they say you shouldn't, it is said that a child should never be carried as the only time you should be carried into a graveyard is when you die and no other time. Maybe you could explain it too her, she prob wouldn't say anything. it might cheer her up even
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I don't agree with this at all! I'm certainly not going to stop going to my daughter's and grandmothers grave! I don't want my daughter to think she is being replaced - its just an old wives tale!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Never heard of it, i have been to 2 funerals since i got pregnant but by coincidence i only went to the Mass. My sisters ,SIL's mother died last week and i know at least 3 women who were at the graveyard you were pregnant (my sister, the women whos mother died and another sil). If you want to go then go but if it will really worry you tell her and skip the graveyard part. Personally i wouldnt stop going just because i was pregnant, graveyards are holy ground i doubt anything bad will happen from going there.