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altavista Posts: 383
Hi girls. 19 weeks pregnant with twins and i am dreading either v veins or stretch marks. I know there is probably little one can do to prevent either but does anyone know where i can get good strong support knee tights. Feel like a granny asking that :o0
ontheway Posts: 432
hey Altavista, My GP told me last week that I was starting to develop V Veins and to get preg support tights, so I went on the hunt!! In the end I was only able to get either preg tights with no extra support just pouch for bump or support tights that would be to tight on bump O:| O:| I asked a lady in Marks & Spensers in Liffey valley and she recommended the trave socks they have for the support, she also said to maybe get the mens ones as they would be a bit looser if you start to swell. So was so nice told me not to waste my money on the knee high support socks as they are too tight for a pregnant lady. In the end I got a large in the travel socks (in black) they are grand and comfy. Look for them in the travel accesories section
altavista Posts: 383
ontheway..thanks so much..never would have thought of them.. just wish now i was going travelling...not lightly :wv