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kellym89 Posts: 2
Hi all, :wv I'm getting married in July and love the idea of having a candy cart at the reception but not loving the prices that I have seen! So I have decided that I'll make my own :) So far I have found some plastic jars, bags and scoops on line for a reasonable price but its the sweets I'm wondering about. Has anyone bought their own sweets in bulk online for their own sweet cart? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
BuzzyBee92 Posts: 142
If you can get into Musgrave or other wholesaler you can buy all your favorite sweets in bulk there at [b:319o230v]HUGE[/b:319o230v] savings! We did this for my parents' 25th anniversary and we were able to borrow a membership card from our church. It worked out pretty well :)
lisa087 Posts: 1
Only just got engaged 2 weeks but being the super organised person I am I've a folder full of detail already! Don't know most details on wedding but how does it work when doing your own sweet cart? Like does the hotel put the items out for you or how does that work?
kellym89 Posts: 2
I was hoping to try Musgraves alright but I dont know anyone with a card :( My sisters boyfriend has a friend alright who has a card but I think it might be a tad cheeky to ask him could he go for me :P
cond2b Posts: 58
I'm doing this too. Saw some lovely containers in Heatons for less than a tenner. One of my mates have me one of those wine glasses that holds a whole bottle of wine formy 21st so will use that as well (probably for sweets lol) and will find some other bits and pieces. I'm pretty sure I can get my hands on a cash and carry card so hopefully it goes according to plan.
Sin16 Posts: 236
The euro shops Dealz lidl and aldi do sweets and they are cheap enough. You should try them too. Chat to your hotel about it. With jars the large Yankee candles are great could wash them out.