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Mrs Boop Posts: 828
Have any of you any idea of how you are going to Display your table Plans? I'm not sure if this is something Hotels look after? I'm getting married in a rustic villa in Italy, and I'm just looking for ideas of how to display this. I have table names sotred and we only have 6 tables in total. [img:k72kxdlo][/img:k72kxdlo] This is something I've seen. Would love to hear what the rest of you have planned.
Dezy26ni Posts: 321
Oh i like that idea - I might get a big white canvas in au naturale and tie ribbon from one end to the other and hang the plans from it. d
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
My hotel sorts this so I will just leave them to it I think! I like the idea of the photo you posted tho. Will fit in well with your venue :wv
halloweenbride Posts: 283
My cousin did a lovely thing with her table plans- she had a marquee in her garden and had like a 'clothes line' with each table plan hanging from it by a lovely big 'clothes peg'. She did each table as a herb so say one was mint, one was basil etc ... Everyone commented on it.
Belleboo Posts: 924
I like that idea of the little pegs, I saw it before in a magazine and really liked it!
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
I'm having a marquee also, I've got the table names Irish & Scottish Loughs, with me being from the Lake County & H2B is Scottish, we are getting married near Lake Trasimeno in Italy so the top table will be named after that. I think the pegs idea will work well, with some tiny sunflowers hanging up with the plan. Where can I get good quality wooden clothes pegs? :o0 I've only 6 tables do it shudn't be too hard.