Teacher maternity leave question

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foxym Posts: 74
Sorry I am sure this has been asked so many times. I am primary school teacher, due in August. Who fills in the form for my leave? Where do I get it? I assume my consultant will have this form as the due date needs to be written on it by her?? Do I just give the form to my principal then. So confused about it all, also is there someone I can contact in the dept of ed re what entitlements I have with school holidays and bank holidaysthat fall during my mat leave. Thanks
CherylC Posts: 1071
The form you need is the MB10 form available here. It is filled in by you, your doctor/ consultant and your employer.
significantother Posts: 123
Dont know much about this but I am a primary teacher due in August too. If you look up department of education/INTO webiste there is a good bit of information on maternity leave
seans missus Posts: 1381
Hi foxym, I had my daughter at the start of July 2010. I finished work on the last day of the holidays. You get 6 months standard maternity leave, then you get 30 days in lieu for your bank holidays/summer/Halloween/ Christmas etc. Your employer is your school so the school principal fills in that bit. If you ring the department, they are very quick with telling you when you are due back at work. I was due back February 25th last year. I regret not taking unpaid leave or parental leave. I'm pregnant again and I will definitely be availing of the extra leave this time. Here is the link to the maternity leave section of the INTO:
foxym Posts: 74
Thanks so much for those links and recommendations, will check them out. X