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littlechick Posts: 758
Hi girls, Anyone been to Prague?? Whats it like?? Would a week be too long in it??? Any info welcome :wv
starzzzz Posts: 1123
went last year loved it, we went for 4 nights that was long enough for us I know plenty to do but i think a week might have been a stretch
jadem Posts: 1787
Was there 4 years ago and loved it.Stayed in the ibis,which is the most basic hotel we have ever stayed in,but it was close to trains and buses. Get a little guide book and will tell u all to do.4 days is plenty,thats wat we stayed for.hth
irishprincess Posts: 38
hey!! Went there last Feb for four nights too!!Loved it!! O-O we went shooting too at a police training range was abs brilliant crack although himself wasnt too impressed when i won :o0 :o0 loads to do but i would agree that a week would prob be slightly too long!! def do one of the tours though if you can. Might sound a bit naff but we learned so much more from the guide than we would have on our own. bring flats though :o0 :o0 :o0 :wv
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Myself and DH were there 2 wks ago for our 1st anniversary, we stayed for 3 night but i'm raging we didn't stay an extra night i think a wk will be a bit long. Beautiful city would defo go back :o)ll
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
Love it! Have been three times and great for all types of holidays - girls wkend, romantic or a mad wkend with a group! Four nights probably enough. Highly recommend Hotel Metamorphis, right in the middle of wencelas square, good price, lovely hotel
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Little Chick, hubby and I have been to Prague twice and loved it. Personally I think a week may be too long, we just did long weekends and that was grand. Word of warning though, we heard how cheap Prague was and in certain parts it is but be careful where you go! First year we went, we had a fantastic meal out, two starters, mains, desserts, two bottles of wine and two huge glasses of beer...........the bill came to the equivelant of €40!!!!!!!! Two years later we went back and it was a different story. The first meal was on one side of the beautiful clock in the town square. That's a definete must see, such an old clock and so intricute (no idea how to spell that, sorry!) and the figurienes that come out on the hour are so sweet. Anyway, back to the meals. Second time we went back we got a table directly opposite the clock. Our meal was starters, mains and desserts and two bottles of wine - we should've shared the starter because it was enormous! The bill arrived and we nearly fell off our seats in shock, even worse was the fact that hubby had to get a taxi back to the hotel to get more money, while I sat there like a lemon - the bill was over €200!!!! Have a look at the gorgeous shops off the town square, the wooden toys are stunning and unbelieveably cheap - hubby and I are firm believers in wooden toys, so we were in seventh heaven! We did one bus tour at night which was ok but the last part was incredible - word of advise, make sure you charge your camera fully and also bring a video camera for this part. We were brought to an outdoor auditorium - reminded me of the amphitheatres in Italy. We were seated in front of a large pond and they did an opera and had the fountain working in tune to the gorgeous music!!! IThink of Disneys Fantasia. I don't want to say too much, but please go and see that it was breath taking. I agree about the flat shoes and also take a trip to the castle - amazing!! Hope that helps and sorry if I've rambled on!! :wv
newmammy2011 Posts: 1255
We went for 5 night a couple of years ago. I personally dont think a week is too long. We did everything at our leisure, enjoyed the sites, scenery instead of rushing around. We went for lovely walks and meals, its a very romantic city I think and much nicer than Paris. You are only 2 hours train journey from Berlin also so you could pop up there for a day trip. We will definitely go back at some stage to Prague.
Ivanka Posts: 9
Me and my ex bf went to Prague last year in January for an week-end and had a great time. We stayed in the old town which looks amazing. Favourite part was sitting in the outdoor cafés sipping Grog (hot rum drink). One of the best aspects is you can spend a bit extra and get a fabulous hotel for very low prices. We stayed in a five star hotel, our room was more like an apartment and prices were very low! I'd highly recommend Prague!
Wispa Posts: 397
cheap beer (same price as soft drinks!) cheap transport (tram and underground). You can get day tickets really cheap don't eat the bread out of the 'complimentary' bread basket, its normally stale and they charge you for it. Restaurants outside the city centre are much cheaper, those in the centre are more expensive Was there for three days, which was long enough for us. Beautiful city, but i enjoyed paris and vienna more. weather was lovely (went in sept), no rain, sunny, but not too warm. Tonnes of shops selling garnet, amber, and crystal jewellery (good for stocking up on presents)