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Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Oh dear.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Damn it! Everyone is talking about how shocking it was and I flipping missed it!
30something Posts: 644
It's always bad. I had planned to watch the repeat today, but it's been pulled from the schedule for some reason....
TeaParty14 Posts: 208
One word...embarrassing! I spent the night on Twitter reading the hilarious updates!
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Do you remember the year they forgot to dish out the gong for best supporting actress? Classic. Must dig out that story for a re-chuckle. One host was working an MTV crowd while the other was warming up the live studio audience for Mrs. Brown's Boys. Unfortunately, I don't think either demographic were in attendance, or at home. And the former's dress gave me travel sickness. Nominations for next year's hosts: Those wee Moone Boys and Anne Doyle. I'm serious.
Excitedme Posts: 171
Pathetic! I was cringing every time the TV was flicked over to it. Sound was terrible too, it sounded like they were broadcasting from inside a pub :duh:
hairdye Posts: 1129
It was complete car crash telly, so embarrassing. The audience didn't have any respect for it either giving the amount of chattering, glass clinking & cutlery rattling they did throughout the show. Simon Delaney would have been better off on his own. Laura Whitmore was awful. Anyone know why she has to speak as if she is talking in CAPITAL LETTERS.WITH.A.FULL.STOP.IN.BETWEEN.EVERY.WORD? Did she not realise she was wearing a mic? And Kathryn Thomas butting in at the end of the acceptance speech for Operation Transformation mentioning Gerry Ryan, Morah and kids. Very cringeworthy the way it was done. And the camera work was terrible. I have seen better camera work in wedding videos. Switched off after 20 mins, surprised I managed for that long. But there was one good thing about it. One [i:2xhw7zk8]very[/i:2xhw7zk8] good thing - Jamie Dornan *[i:2xhw7zk8]swoon[/i:2xhw7zk8]*
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Was watching Arnie in True Lies til we got bored and switched over to the IFTAs. It was near the end then-I didn't hear a word either of the presenters said- the noise was absolutely atrocious.. It reminded me of something- not sure what though..maybe when we had a young student teacher in once to teach us maths. Nobody really took much notice of her coming into the class and go to the top of the room and start to talk. If anything the noise in the class got louder until Sister Acquinas who was teaching some way down the corridor heard the commotion and came in like a bull to see what was going on. She wasn't long in achieving order including making the poor young student teacher sit down and be quiet too. I think they could have done with our Sister Acquinas last night- there would have been none of the nonsense.... I think it was meant to be repeated on tv today but for some reason(?!) they didn't show it.....
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Moone Boys and Sr. Acquinas it is, so. I waivered over switching back to Stewart Lee; that's how entertaining it was. Or punching over, as we used to say in our gaff when it came to contending with those long buttons on our telly.
TeaParty14 Posts: 208
Did anyone catch this on todayfm? :)