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aliwac05 Posts: 40
Hi, I just started a new job about two months ago and I like the work. I am working with Three other girls in a team(all same age as me) and oh my god!!!!! they are all so quiet!!!!!! start at nine work work work... lunch at the desk for ten mins work work work and then home at 5.30-6.00!!! tis driving me mad!!!! All they say to me is a hello in the mornings and goodbye in the evenings!! They don't even talk amongest each other because at first i just thought they were wary of me cause i was the new girl!!! Anyway I am a chatty person and like to have a chat during the day bout corrie/music/life whatever and the constant silence is really getting me down!!!!!i dont eman talk all day by the way I am a good worker but you know!!! Any suggestions???? If not thanks for letting me vent!!!!!!!!! Ali-wac :(
Heflen Posts: 4050
Hello darkness my old friend
sunshine06 Posts: 24
Hi Ali-wac Just want to empathise with you. I kno exactly what you're going thru - sometimes I think that the four of us in the office could go for weeks without a conversation! We're all working on different projects so we don't even talk about work. It really is painful. I wish I could offer you some advice but I'm still trying to figure out how to get them to talk. sunshine
halo Posts: 1406
Maybe they're quiet cos they're logged on here - I know I can gladly ignore the other jobsworths for hours on end by pretending to be busy typing or reseaching. In fact, guess what I'm doing right now and looking totally engrossed in work? :wink: How about you drag them all off for coffee at 11 and try to have a chat? I'm the other way inclined - I despise my new job, while the people are relatively nice but oh so dull and boring, so I just ignore them while they work through lunch/coffee break etc and take myself off out of the building for a quick smoke. I also make a point of bolting out the door come lunchtime, or 5.30, as the others are too busy brownnosing to ever leave work on time, or to not come in less than 15 minutes early in the morning, as I stroll in at 9 on the dot. How long would you say I'll last in this job... All I can say is try and instigate a bit of a coffee break, all too easy to get absorbed in your work and not have a chat all day, at least if they're sitting back from the pc with a mug, they might get a bit friendlier...
Astra Posts: 1409
You can come and work with me. I share an office with a complete chatterbox - she never stops :shock:
sunshine06 Posts: 24
We go for coffee in the morning. I have to admit coffee break is not as bad now as it was a year ago but sometimes the conversation just dies. On a rare night out a few months ago one of the lads, in his drunken state said that if he thinks of something to chat about in the morning he tries to keep it for a conversation at lunch time. :shock:
halo Posts: 1406
Jaysus, that's a bit wierd.... I have to say, the conversation (the once or twice I attempted to have one with em) ran out after about 3 stock topics - what did you do the weekend, god, nearly friday, thank the lord, and terribly cold out, isn't it? I tell you, I had to resist the urge to slaughter them all with a really blunt spoon. times like that it's great to be able to not give a rat's ass and just stand up and walk away. I couldn't even hold a "normal person's" conversation with them, like, seen any good films lately, cos I think they all just go ina storage box at the end of the working day so they'll be ready for another hard day of willful absence of personality.
buddingmrs Posts: 322
Sunshine- thats the saddest yet funniest thing i've heard all day :lol: I used to share an office and wanted to stab frequently the loud mouthed chatter box in the corner- I was concentrating so hard on something one day that I told her to shut up out loud (was always saying it in my head)and she did :shock: now I'm on my own (wonder why?) and its great, if I want conversation I can stalk the corridors/smoke place and look for it.
aliwac05 Posts: 40
Girls, It is so good to know that im not the only one out there but sad at the same time!!!!!!! Mrs06-Sounds like you could do with some quiet time!! ha ha I would be impressed if the reason they were so quiet was because they were logged on to this but i seriously doubt it!!!I like your work ethic happyout!! I too have started going out for walks at lunch for a good hour and im out the door at 5.30 as well(unless there is a deadline) because i am just a newly wed and want to spend Quality time with the hubby in the evenings. Coffee is a good idea so i might try that tomorrow so i have all night to work out what to say to these people!!! Sunshine i totally feel your pain my friend!! I can't believe that guy said that to you!!! now thats bad but at least you had a night out with them!!!! Dreading the xmas do you guys!!!!! im going to have to make sure some of my friends are in town that night as a back up plan!!!! he he!!!! Seriously though dont know if i can stick it out!! My last job (which i left for career development reasons) was great and was in the entertainment industry so there was always hustle and bustle and the guy i worked with we just had the crack every day laughing and joking even though we had nothing in common(he is twenty five yrs older than me) so i miss it!! :( Thanks again for your replies!!!!! i feel a bit better now!!! :)
*MrsShamrock* Posts: 383
Maybe they're a bit on the shy side or have absolutely rat ass boring lives and cant hold a conversation about anything other than work or sensible stuff! If you're having a Christmas do, get them plastered (probably by giving them a sniff of alcohol) and you'll maybe see a different, wild side to them..atleast you'll have something to talk about when you get back to work!