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MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Isn't it so much easier to get things done when its nice out. I was on double duty today in school (break and lunch) and usually its painful but today was lovely to get out in the sun for a while. got home from work and planted 3 big containers for the back garden, hung out 2 loads of washing and now sitting in the kitchen with the sun blaring in on me watching Home and Away while the dog is running around the garden with a plant pot in his mouth. He's on a mission to dismantle it! Only bad thing is I can see how absolutely filthy the windows are! Time to ring the window cleaner I think!
teapotty Posts: 2085
Ah yeah totally,all those things you normally have to have an argument with yourself to do are suddenly so easy! know what you mean about the windows,shame knowing the dog will just lick them after I clean them-makes it even harder to find the enthusiasm!!
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Our patio doors are extra filthy. The dog launches himself at them when he wants to come in. On the list of bad habits to break with him! Need to plant one more container but compost all gone and can't lift the full bag from side of house over to where pot is. And pot is big so if I bring that to compost won't be able to lift it back to where I want it!
errigal08 Posts: 1302
totally agree,its was absolutely beautiful today,hubby took this morning off,thats a rare thing that happens around here.... we had breakfast in the garden and then went to the beach with the dogs,not many about early afternoon so it was like our own wee piece of paradise,he went in for a surf while i had a lovely stroll walking on the waters edge,bottoms rolled up too my knees and throwing stones with the dogs! does your heart good having days like this! i havent a thing done in the house today,i'll rally now and get everything done before desperate housewives tonight....great day!!
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Definitely agree :o)ll I don't finish in school until after half 6 on a Monday and usually it's pitch dark coming out but yesterday the sun was still out, DH had finished work early so he'd dinner ready for me and the two of us spent about an hour in the garden potting veg and digging out the veg patch and felt so much better after it than we would have if we'd just thrown ourselves on the couch for the night. Ran out the door after school today, met family for coffee & then went for a jog along the beach - it was pure bliss!! I also think people are generally in much better form when the sun is out which has a knock on effect. All we've to hope for now is a couple of nice weeks like this during the summer & we'll all be very happ!! O-O
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Spent the afternoon in the garden reading, heaven! I was putting on sunblock and felt like i was on holidays in Spain! It was fab. Few more days of it to go, before a break, but i think its forecast to get warm again at the beginning of April, so heres hoping!
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
According to Accuweather app on my phone its nice till Monday 2nd (14 degrees) and then on Tuesday its forecasting rain and high 6 degrees. Then 17 degrees Easter weekend.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Yep the sunshine is wonderful, Sunday we went to the lake and today we brought DS to the football and had great time running around with our dog. It's great to be able to bring DS outside and not have him cooped up in the house.