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MrsD09 Posts: 63
Ok So I have have two questions, in relation to the coombe first is; can I start off as public and then if there are any problems later deciede to go SP or private? Secondly if you go public do you have the same team of consultants or do you get anyone when you go to the hospital? Does one team deal with you for the 9 months? Thanks for any info you have
Terri1 Posts: 1158
i don't know if you can switch but there shouldn't be any problems that you'd want to...I went public in the coombe and will again please god...they were great. I saw the same consultant each visit except once when he was on hols. i had an emergency CS and the same doctor I'd seen when he was on hols performed the op. She was fabulous. If you go semi p, you may will be under a team may or may not meet the consultant...the same as private. The only difference is you may get a semi p room...but I got one anyway!!
Wife09 Posts: 873
With private you pick your consultant and meet the consultant everytime and are scanned everytime. If you go private there is a 90% chance that your consultant will deliver your baby. I asked about it and they told me if he/she is away, they have one of their private consultant colleagues come in for delivery and they tell you who their nominated stand ins are. Well this is with my fella anyway. I dont know about booking in late with them, for starters they all have availability if you know what I mean!! So if I were you Id ring a few of their secretaries and see what they say. Its private practise so could vary from consultant to consultant. Oh meant to say I was initially public up to 8 weeks of pregnancy then moved to private, but in a normal pregnancy as far as I know its not 12 weeks until you have your first scan.
ellee Posts: 666
Firstly, yes you get assigned to one consultant and their team in public care in the Coombe. As for switching, I'd say theory of course you could but you do hear of the more popular cons booking out v early so not sure if you would in practice be able to switch. Finally, I was public in the coombe, had some complications during teh pregnancy and care was fantastic! The best of luck with your pregnancy! :o)ll