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hipbaby Posts: 4530
girls is anybody here on twitter?? I joined it recently but I must admit I don't get it??! can anyone explain the principle behind it to me?? (I joined as the local enterprise web expert told me it was the way to got to promote on line businesses - but he went on on a tangent and lost me!!)
Babyloco Posts: 964
Im also a member but i dont know how to work it either. Like does anyone know how to send a tweet to a specific person, not just out there for everyone to see?? Is this even possible ??!!?!?
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
My dh is a tweetaholic! I swear sometimes I think he loves Twitter more than he loves me :o0 :o0 I dont get it much either tbh :-8
BigBird1 Posts: 1727
Hi girls, I'm on it too, and from what i can tell, you go to their profile or a message they put up and when you wave ur cursor over it, the little buttons on the side of the message let you reply publicly...its like a little arrow thing at the side of their tweet. otherwise if you hit direct messages on the side bar(right hand side of the screen), you can choose the person to send a message to from the drop down bar on the top - - not sure if they have to be one of your followers/ following you first though HTH
BigBird1 Posts: 1727
Hipbaby from what i can tell its another version of the status update thingie on facebook. if its for your business, you can announce new products, sale items etc apart from that, i hardly use mine really - - only now and again
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Brilliant thanks for the advice!!
SleepingBeauty Posts: 237
I checked it out & I didn't like it enough to stick with it.
MrsOC09 Posts: 1175
heard on the news this morning that twitter has been locked down as someone hacked into the network, not sure how true this is!
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
Been there, done that and didn't like it, much prefer facebook for keeping in touch with friends.