Toddler in our bed - Any advice??

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glover Posts: 188
Hey girls, Lo is nearly 2 and was a fairly good sleeper unless she was sick or teething etc, would have brought her into the bed on and off but she would get out of the habit again fairly quick when things would settle down with her. Lately she has been waking every single night and creating war unless she gets into the bed. She is still in her cot and tbh Im reluctant to move her into a bed just yet, think she's a bit young and Im happy with the fact that she goes to bed at 8 on her own. I totally know this is my own fault for giving in to her but at 3am its just the easier option than dealing with a tantrum. Sometimes she will go off to sleep straight away once she gets into the bed, (we have a bed in her room) other times it can take an hour or more of her messing about, talking, crawling around the bed etc O:| Im just exhausted, dont get a proper sleep and sometimes she will only settle if Im with her rather than dh. Other thing is that Im reluctant to leave her with a sitter or anyone cos she can wake any time from 11pm onwards. Hubby was so fed up this morning cos he went into her last night and thinks we need to do something drastic but I dont know if I can, she is really stubborn and roars and crys and doesn't give in, the min she is picked up she gives me a big hug and kiss as if to thank me, lol, what a little manipulater! I guess Im jsut wondering if anyone has tried any techniques or if im not willing to let her cry it out do I just have to accept it and get over it! Any advice? Tks (By the way I work in an office full of women whose babies sleep 12 hours per night every night since they were 2 weeks old!!! :weep )
katiebaby78 Posts: 679
I guarantee your colleagues are stretching the truth! Absolute bulls..t is what I say to that. I have a 4 week old baby and a 2yr 4 month old and he's in our bed. He sleeps through night feeds no problem but every single night wakes to come in. I'm not sure what to do either except to get on with it and be grateful we're getting sleep.
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
Would you consider putting her in a bed? I know 2 is the age I have in mind for moving ds to one. It might give her a bit of independence & maybe give her the your a big girl now talk :-)
dita Posts: 960
would you but a small mattress on the floor at your bed....she might sleep on that instead of jumping into yours...
wifetob Posts: 936
I agree with's musical beds here but once we sleep I don't mind (learned to stop worrying along time ago!). Ds was put into a double bed on his second birthday and it was the best thing ever. He rarely comes into our room now but will call for us throughout the night. I will go in and fall asleep, sometimes Dh wil some back out. He's sick right now (we both are) so I am in with him at night to comfort him. Dd is not a cot fan either - but only since a week long hospital trip in Sep. She alternates from her cot to our bed to a mattress n. her floor with me next to her. I can't wait to move her into her own double bed a house we just prefer beds :compress
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
Ds hated the cot and every baby sleeping device. He was in our bed mostly. Put him in his own bed and its v rare he comes in. I do have to go in with him regularly but I don't mind. As you said, anything for sleep. And honestly, he'll only be small for so long and then I know he won't want to be seen with me!!! There are some nights aswell that I miss him, and am secretly glad when he wakes up
harriet Posts: 122
We just got our man out of our bed by using a reward worked great but he is older than your DD. I have heard great things however about the gro clock sleep trainer. You tell the child they can't get out till it goes a certain colour and seemingly they all obey it!! Its about £15 on Amazon at the moment. It was our plan B.
glover Posts: 188
Tks girls, I honestly woulnd't mind having her in the bed if she settled quickish enough but it can be 2 hours of her messing some nights, its not as if she is put in there and falls asleep straight away, if only! I've let it become pure habit now so either I tackle it or put up with the broken sleep. It can also happen from 11pm so if we were to head out for a night or anything she would lose her life if one of us were'nt there to settle her. God above I thought things were supposed to get easier, lol! I do think she's a bit young for her own bed, or rewards charts and the like so maybe i'll try something at the wknd and try to be consistent with it. It did work before when I had trouble getting her down for naps but she was much younger then and not half as clever. Im just shattered tired. The joys!
Sooexcited2011 Posts: 114
Hi, I could have written this post myself, Im in exactly the same position. I've a 15 month old DD and every night she wakes up between 11pm - 1.30am and will not go back asleep until shes in our bed and like you some nights she's tossing and turning for ages or wants to play. I too am totally exhausted. She has never slept through the night in her 15 months! So I am planning on hiring a baby sleep nurse, I am waiting for the holiday period to be over before I contact them. The baby nurse in which I bring my DD too in the local clinic suggested her to me as she has suggested everything and is also at a loss. I think the way it works is you keep a diary for a week on what they eat, sleep etc then the come to your house and basically help you. I wouldnt be able to let my daughter cry it out either so thats not even an option. I think it costs about €200 but if it helps I'd pay double at this stage as we both work full time too and Im like a zombie most days. Maybe then I can finally get a babysitter and go see a movie without worrying is my child screaming in hysterics because shes woken up and Im not there. Best of luck and if you find anything that helps pls let me know
abbeylane Posts: 534
I think consistency is the only break a habit like that and it can take a will of steel to keep it up. Sleep deprivation isnt exactly conducive to having a will of steel. I dont have the same problem, my baby is a lot younger but we have early waking issues. My toddler is great & has been since 12months roughly. We really worked hard on consistency with her and it paid off. But now with a baby who likes to be up with the birds, and not wanting to upset the toddler's pattern of sleep, I have allowed the baby to develop bad habits. I have also looked into sleep doctors but found them too expensive. A consultation by phone is around €200-250 with follow up support for a month I get them to come to your house is at the very least triple that. I find good advice on rollercoaster-they have a resident sleep doc who you can ask your question to & she replies around once per week to all the queries. Worth a look.good luck, I feel your pain.