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Oct09B2B Posts: 374
I work with H2b and it's no problem. We decided not to lunch together at an early stage as we thought it would get a little claustrophobic. I would worry about it - if there is a job and he is having trouble finding one, he should go for it.
chaos Posts: 1904
hi there, i work with h2b part time, we own our own business. We work weekends together and some evenings. To be honest it can be hard sometimes if we have a disagreement on something work related, not to bring it home with us, but usually we just sort it out at work and dont bring it home. We try to keep it totally seperate, after all its business at work and normal life at home.
essey Posts: 129
Hi i met my H2b at work, we still work together and have no problems we do chat about work a bit at home it actually helps when one has had a hard day at least the other understands
Twirler Posts: 1644
H2B and I met in work and worked together until about 6 months ago. We were in slightly different departments but our offices were close enough, we travelled into work together and were sometimes in the same meetings. We never had an issue with it, we deliberately tried to avoid talking about work at home and avoid seeing each other in work more than normal. Have to say, sometimes it was nice - when his dad he was in work and I was right there for him, sometimes when we were having a busy week and were barely seeing each other at home it was nice to grab a coffee break.
augustbride09 Posts: 214
I met H2B at work and we still work together, 4 years later. We work in the same open plan office but in different depts and we're out at meetings a lot so there's never been any problems. There are good and bad bits but as long as you're sensible about it, you should be fine. Good points: *Getting a wink or a smile from across the office from your beloved - nothing better to brighten the day! *Finding a coke and bacon sarnie on your desk when he knows you're hungover *Talking about issues/people at work. You both can relate to it and sympathise - as long as you don't go on about work incessantly, sometimes we have to consciously say "right, let's shut up about this now". *sending naughty emails and seeing the reaction (no, not THAT kind of reaction, you filthy girls!) *having someone to convincingly cover for you if pulling an occasional sickie Bad points: *Not being able to pull a sickie together! *Listening to H2B laughing uproariously across the office when you've had an argument on the way in to work. You're miserable and he's laughing - the temptation to wipe the smile off his face can be v distracting!! ;o( Can't think of any other bad points really. I think I'd miss seeing H2B around the office if he wasn't there to be honest! Go for it!
halloweenbride Posts: 283
Used to work with h2b for 2 years- we were both out of work when came back from travelling a few years ago and my uncle offered us both work- we weren't in the same department as such but had a lot of cross-over and technically I was his manager but I have to say we both loved the work and it really didn't make a difference- we travelled to and from work together and lived together and a lot of our friends thought it was strange and wondered how we got on so well but we didn't even think twice about it. We also used to work together years ago in a hotel where we first started going out!! Good luck whatever you decide!! :wv
MeSB Posts: 3785