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smilinpolitely Posts: 573
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
[quote="Smilinpolitely":3vayg8j9]B2B Slept with bestman...while her H2B was upstairs!! :eek :eek[/quote:3vayg8j9] I woun't tell you what the lads here in the office just shouted at the radio when we heard that :o0
fantac Posts: 4109
argh - cnat find f'in headphones for my phone radio............... O:|
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
[quote="Smilinpolitely":6r4p2ilv]B2B Slept with bestman...while her H2B was upstairs!! :eek :eek[/quote:6r4p2ilv] The poor Groom. >:o(
smilinpolitely Posts: 573
sugarplum Posts: 430
oh no such a dilemna :eek
snowbride2008 Posts: 786
:ooh I heard that this morning and couldnt beleive it :ooh :ooh Whatever about having feelings for the Best man but to act on them!! I mean, fair enough if she realised that her H2B wasnt the one afterall and that perhaps the Best man was...then end it with the HB...dont go cheating on him. The poor guy :o( I feel so sorry for him
bailey78 Posts: 394
Its sounded like a really messed up situation. The girl obviously is not ready for marriage. I think she should call the wedding off for everyones sake as the guilt of it all will always be there. I think the bestman is as much to blame. >:o(
bride. Posts: 3014
Am I the only big cynic who assumed it was a wind up to get people's attention? Why would you write to Ray about that? I think I've been on this site too long! After all the wind ups in Relationships and Let off Steam I don't trust anyone's stories!