Tragic event - wedding postponed.

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Bride\'s friend Posts: 2
Hi, I've been on this site loads as a bridesmaid, and got loads of help planning my friends wedding and hen etc. this is my first ever post though, and it just feels so wrong that I am posting it. My best friend is meant to be getting married next week. the wedding has been planned for two years, and everything was looking perfect. Then, this weekend, her Dad was killed in a tragic accident. My friend and her h2b have postponed the wedding - they are so numb with grief.......what should be the happiest week of her life, has turned into the saddest. she is so heartbroken - her Dad and her were so close and he even took her to get her wedding dress this week, as she did not want her h2b to go with her in case he would sneak a look. I wish so much that things were different for her, and my heart is just broken for her. I hate to think this may have happened to anyone else - but if it has, what have you done to support your friend? Or is it was you, how did you cope? i've just been to see her tonight and they have called a doctor to sedate her.........I just cannot believe this has happened. this just feels like a nightmare and we will wake up and it will have happened to someone we read about in the paper....... Depressing post I know, but would really appreciate any feedback. Am so heartbroken fr my friend and her fiance, and their family. Thanks so much, B x
LabLady Posts: 4325
Jesus thats just awful, I have no good advice I am sorry But my heart and prayers are with your friend and her family.
Judy Posts: 612
OMG so sorry to hear that awful story sorry I have no advice but couldnt ignore your post, will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers. Your a good friend to have been there for her and dealing with wedding stuff for her just continue to do that and be strong for her and supportive. ((((hugs))))
Fluffer Posts: 2672
That's so sad. What an awful thing to happen. I can't offer advice either but you're obviously a very good friend, just continue to be there for her if she needs you and give her space if she needs it too.
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Omigod, the poor poor girl.... that is the most tragic thing I have heard in a long long time. It must be very hard for you too knowing what to say to her but just be there for her and be a shoulder to cry on, the poor pet needs all the support she can get at the moment :action32
Newlywed07 Posts: 111
Oh my god that is terrible news. The poor girl. To be honest I don't think that at this stage there really is much you can do, particularly if she's in such a state that she was going to be sedated. At this time I think her family need time to grieve together. Perhaps at this stage the most help you could be is helping with practical things- maybe speaking to her h2b and offering to help cancel wedding related things etc or anything else that needs doing. In time I agree you need to be there as a shoulder to cry on. She has a tough time ahead of her- firstly she will be dealing with the loss of her father- the wedding is the probably isn't even registering at the moment. In time it will hit her that her dad can't walk her down the aisle etc etc and then she'll need a shoulder to cry on once more. My heart does truly go out to her. I had a friend in a similar situation and it took her a long time to overcome her grief. Sorry I have rambled on a bit- hope something I've said helps!!
mad woman Posts: 22106
ah petal, thats awful, just be there for her the best you can.
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
very tragic news just be there to listen offer hugs and also perhaps when you are making a meal do double portiions and bring it round to them to store in the freezer so they dont have to worry about cooking or stock up her fridge with milk bread etc the small things we run out of that use time to get. but mainly just be there to listen, make a list of things you could help out with such as postponing the flowers collecting her dress if it hasnt been already. but really in the immediate aftermath of this tragic event people will be swarming all over her and her family so it will be in the weeks and months that follow she may need you more such as christmas or birthdays etc i send you hugs to as its awful to have to watch friends go through times like these
* brangelina Posts: 134
God, I am nearly in tears just reading your post, that is a really awful thing to have happen to you, the poor girl. Your obviously a very good friend judging by you taking the time to put up this post & you can see how upset you are for her from it. I think that what the other girls have said is right, be there for her as much as you can. She probably will be in a fog for the next few weeks & it is afterwards when it all sinks in that she will really need you. She is very lucky to have a good friend like you. O:o)
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
That's such an awful thing to happen to someone. I don't really have much advise to offer that if different from what the other girls have already said. Your friends is going to need all the support she can get so will need her friends to help her through such a tough time. As for practicalities, as other posters have said, maybe cook some meals for them, make sure they have the basics. And speak with her H2B about cancelling any wedding things - neither of them will want to do this so I know that would be a huge help. You sound like a great friend & I hope your friend is ok. I can't imagine how she is feelingright now.