Travelling to Oz with a 2 month old-mad???

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aglorgleanbh Posts: 103
Hey ladies Just wondering what you think of this? I'm due in November and myself & the hubbie were half thinking of travelling to Oz for New year. Was thinking it might be easiest time to take junior as all they will do is eat & sleep at this stage?? What would ye think? All responses welcome! :thnk :o)ll
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
is it your first? will he/she have had all vaccinations and immunisations before you go? have you been there before? its a really long flight. i dunno if i would do it, not with a 2month old. and if your late, it will be a 6 week old. just alot to think about.
Tinytots Posts: 369
I have to disagree with private dancer, I think it's a perfect time to go. I travelled to Oz when ds was 4 months, on my own and he was a dream. I was breastfeeding and he just fed and slept. I'm also planning on traveling to Oz when this baby is about 2 months, with ds on my own! So hoping baby will just do the same, feed and sleep. You'll get priority everything and make sure to book a bassinet on every flight, this was vital for me. Best of luck with your decision
rosiemama Posts: 3363
the flight is long but they will sleep most of it at that age and you will get the wee bassinet in the plane probably. but then 6-8 weeks can be the worst time if they are colicky which could be stressful. my friend lives in melbourne and she travelled home when her LO was 7 months old and found it fine, only he was still on australian time for the first few days and slept during the day and then was up all night. older babies would find the flight diffiicult. i guess there is no perfect time. i'd say its doable, but not sure if i would have been up for it myself
Babyboomerang Posts: 543
We're planning to travel long haul when our baby is about 2 months old, but we're not booking anything until baby arrives and we know how delivery goes and what kind of baby we get. My advice would be to stay flexible because if you are not up to the journey, or baby is unsettled or colicky, then it would be the journey from hell. On the other hand, if everything goes well then I agree that it's the easiest time to travel with a child.
pag Posts: 633
[quote="Babyboomerang":1jiz7kj0] My advice would be to stay flexible because if you are not up to the journey, or baby is unsettled or colicky, then it would be the journey from hell. On the other hand, if everything goes well then I agree that it's the easiest time to travel with a child.[/quote:1jiz7kj0] +1 that's exactly what I would say too. I don't think the baby will cause any problems, all going well. However, you may not feel like going anywhere depending on how delivery and those early weeks went. You just do not know until the time. I would def book but ensure you can change the dates just in case. Also re: immunisations your baby will have had one set if you head away after exactly 2 months after birth. Bassinet should be booked and I'd investigate slings when baby arrives - they are excellent for airports and calming babies.
Perci Posts: 3847
I admire any of you that travel any distance with a small baby like that! It wouldn't be for me but then DS1 cried non-stop for 6months so it would have been a complete a nightmare for him and us. I would wait to see how things turn out.
snowbear Posts: 2107
Hi there. We went to China when DS was 5.5 months. 13 hour flight to Shanghai. It went really well, he had a bassinet and slept for 6hours at a time... I got to see more movies than I had in the previous 5.5 months :o0 However I do feel 6 weeks / 2 months MAY be a little young, it depends on the baby. DS went through a period of colic at around 6 week and cried a lot. It was all sorted by around 3 months thank goodness but it was tough at the time. And you might be pretty wrecked as well... especially if you had a difficult birth or section. But then again you might get an angel baby O:o) it has certainly been known to happen! So it depends. Not sure if you've thought about feeding but my number one tip would be to BF if at all possible... DS was BF at the start but on bottles by the time we went on hols and I found the formula by far the most stressful part of the whole journey, bringing it, packing it, estimating how much we needed, finding water, cleaning bottles etc etc. In Heathrow they made us open our ready made cartons and I was in a panic in case we hadn't enough fresh. My friend who we went to see was BF and it was way easier, no problems with flight delays or whatever, and it's better for their ears if they can be latched on for take off or landing (we used a soother instead). Sling was also invaluable for transfers, loads of clothes, changes of clothes etc. If you do decide to do it come back to us for more tips!
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
I travelled to thailand last year when Ds was 9 weeks old it was 3 flights to Phuket and it was great, just a few pointers: You will need to call the airline to reserve seats as you wont know your baby's name or passport number to book online You will need to call for the BCG as soon as possiable as these can be delayed and you want it done before you fly If you are planning on bf its fine but if you are bottle feeding you will need to have all your bottles made up before you go, put each one into a sealed zip lock bag as with the changes in pressure they can leak Make sure you book that basionette on the flight When you are taking off and landing give your baby a bottle or soother so that the pressure doesnt hurt their ears Get a mosquito net for over your buggy We had a great holiday, I brought the bassonette and wheels of my buggy and the airlines were so good, I brought them right up to the plane and then they took them off us, and gave them back at the far side, I had a sling that I used as well. He just slept and slept.
CherylC Posts: 1071
Personally I wouldn't have been able for it that early I must admit. Bearing in mind your LO might be only 6 weeks old at that stage. At 6 weeks we were still getting very little sleep and were permanently exhausted and I was very hormonal! DD was very unsettled in the evenings still and had days and nights all mixed up. The thought of leaving my comfy bed (even though I didn't see it much!) for a plane trip would have killed me! However, I guess if I had it booked and was all set for it, I might have just got on with it. Does it have to be New Year or could you wait till Feb/ March? I would have found it much easier to travel at 3/4 months I think. I'm sure it'll work out if you just go for it, but as others said I would try to keep some flexibility in your plans and see how things feel closer to the time. It really depends on what type of baby you have, how the delivery goes and how you are coping with the transition to motherhood.