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jellybaby Posts: 2316
I was convinced from the start of this pregnancy that we were having twins. It just felt different to last time. I had a bump by 8 weeks and there is a big history of twins along my mother's side of the family. I was having dreams about twins from the beginning!! Anyway, there's just one in there, so it goes to show your feelings can be wrong :o0 Best of luck with your scan!
tfarmur Posts: 243
Hi, I am 20+2 wks pregnant with twins. this is my second pregnancy, I have a 5 yr old DD. I am a fraternal twin myself and am having non ID twins which are heridetary. My HPT came up positive 4 days before AF was due so it did cross my mind that it maybe twins and also the symptoms were much more profound this time round i.e. going to the toilet more, sense of smell, MS and tiredness! But it was still a wonderful shock when I found out at 8 wks.. We are over the moon, feel that it is such a blessing to be having 2 babies.. The worry is the only thing that i can complain about but as I get bigger (started getting bump from about 10 weeks) I feel much more positive! Good luck with your scan :wv <a href=""><img src="" alt="Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker" border="0" /></a> [url=][img:2r1tsz86][/img:2r1tsz86][/url:2r1tsz86]