Two weeks to go and pains in my chest

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BB24 Posts: 89
Just wondering if anybody had the type of pains that feel like babies legs are jammed into chest.Very sore. Bad back pain also, husband is up the walls thinking that i could go at any minute.
MTMR Posts: 788
I'm no expert, so check with doc, but it sounds to me like baby hasn't engaged yet and towards the end of pregnancy when baby is still very high it can seem like hes lying in your chest cavity rather than your lower abdoman. Again, I'm not a doc or midwife but I'd be telling DH to calm down, if babys hasn't engaged yet you could be a while. Then again, i'm probably way off the mark.
BB24 Posts: 89
Baby is engaged well that what they told me at scan last week so am clueless until next doctor appointment.
charli Posts: 5994
i had this type of pain also and though i was engaged i hadn't "dropped", as in my bump was high (my mother and aunts etc were saying she hasn't dropped, she has a while to go) the pain stopped when i did drop at about 38 weeks and i was able to finish a meal as for a few weeks i found it hard to eat a full meal!! i did feel relieved and more comfortable once i had dropped. again, i am no expert, that was my personal experience!