Understanding of "Relationship to Brim"

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Duncelt Posts: 460
At my consultants apt 2 weeks ago he put on my chart in the section "relationship to the brim 3/5" so I assumed baby was 3/5ths engaged but then yest he put 2/5 which totoally confused me becuase he said head was now engaged whereas 2 weeks ago it wasn't but to me it now looked like it was 2/5ths engaged - anyway I googled it and found this (just in case anyone else was thinking the same as me) PP (presenting Part) relation to Brim (of pelvis 5/5 - head 'free' and not in the pelvis but above it. 4/5 - just has the top of their head in the pelvis can bob in and out. 3/5 - head in a good position in the pelvis, normally stays like this until labour. 2/5 - most of the head in the pelvis. 1/5 - normally the female would be in labour by this stage as the head is only just palpable from above the pelvis. 0/5 - head totally in the pelvis, birth almost certainly going to happen soon, cervix would be fully dialated.
madhatter01 Posts: 495
Hey really useful, I was also thinking about this and it makes sense now! Thanks for posting