Urgent advice Re: consultants in Limerick

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Clumsy28 Posts: 407
Ok I need help girls got a BFP last wkend is quite a shock and I’m some what upset about it. But I can’t press delete and go back in time I have to just get on with it. So I need advance about consultants in Limerick I need names and costs and is Dr. Burke retired. Thanks for the help Girls. And yes I do realise how fortunate we are but at the moment all I can think about is myself.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
Hi Clumsy are u going private? :wv Dr Burke isnt retired, i was assigned to his clinic in the maternity, dont know about costs though for private. HTH :wv
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Dr. Burke has his rooms in steamboat quay I think. One of the lads at work is going private with him...well his wife is! He does the Monday clinic in the maternity if ur public. Think private is about €3k in Limerick. Alot of people think Dr. Slevin is great too. I'm public with Dr. Skehan so don't know.
babywestie Posts: 50
as far as I know all consultants are 3k. At least that is what I paid. I wouldn't touch Dr Burke though. Had a bad experience a number of years ago with him. He has no manner at all. He was on call when I was in the Maternity aswell and again was gruff and rude. I would highly reccomend Mark Skehan
Secondtime Posts: 320
Hi, I'm seeing Dr Hickey. Is €3k, he is so nice and has great reputation. I saw Dr Burke last week as Dr Hickey on hols, didn't like his manner at all. I went public last time and attended midwife clinic, found v good but privatr this time due to complications after. Best of luck with everything, things will look alot better once shock wears off :thnk
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Hey Clumsy Just wanted to say - dont be too hard on yourself - its a very shocking thing finding out you are pg - even if you had been planning it - its a life altering roller coaster and my first time around it took quite a while to get my head around the idea that it was a roller coaster I hadnt realised I was signed up for and couldnt get off !!! Time will help it all sink in and there is never a right or perfect time for a baby so try to remember that and I hope it all becomes a little less shocking soon - in the meantime go easy on yourself !
Clumsy28 Posts: 407
Thanks for the replies. Just feel like the girls on 16 & pregnant. My DH is in college so timing is bad and obviously money matters are all over the place. I'll be like a single mom while his in college cause his course is very intense and time consuming his happy about it though he says its meant to be.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I'm with Dr Slevin and he is 3k. Was with him on first two pregnancies aswell. He is fantastic and highly recommend him. He is on O' Connell ave, 4 doors up from model school.
maybe2011 Posts: 143
Hi, I'm currently seeing Mark Skehan as a private patient. So far find him lovely and he was recommended to me by other girls I know. His fee is €3k Best of luck with everything :wv
redwifey Posts: 2932
A big, huge +1 on Dr Slevin. Found him fantastic throughout my 2 difficult pregnancies. His fee is 3k, think they are all teh same anyway. Best of luck