Vegetarian Option - what to choose?

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09bridetobe Posts: 218
I have no clue at all and don't really know any vegetarians so please help me choose my option?
seans missus Posts: 1381
Voted for the third option. That way, your guests can have the veg and potato that will be offered to other guests also. Good Luck with your choice. :wv
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
I voted for second meal,sounds fab to a veggie :wv
CJ\'S GIRL Posts: 60
I am a veggie and went for the first option. I actually don't like cheese that much!! Love mushrooms tho!! Good luck with the choosing!
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
They all sound delicious to me. Could eat them now!! :o0 I voted for number 1 though because not everybody likes cheese, especially goats cheese which can be quite strong. Good luck with your choice.
redroses Posts: 714
They all sound gorgeous, i voted for the first option as i :lvs mushrooms From the poll though there isint really a clear favourite!
McLovin Posts: 185
I voted for the goat's cheese as I absolutely love it, but just thought afterwards that it's not to everyone's taste. One of the other two might be a safer bet.
cheesy Posts: 100
I picked the grilled vegetables - if it was menu I would have chosen goats cheese, but a lot of guests dont like goats cheese so the second is safest. Risooto is yuck unless its made properly and on the day there is a good chance with all thats going on that it wont get made properly.
09bridetobe Posts: 218
:o0 its so tight i'm still none the wiser!!! please keep voting and thanks everyone who have :thnk
quartz Posts: 446
What's the starter? Can't decide!!