Velvet Lounge or Midnight Swing

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aperature Posts: 280
Hi Girls, I know there have been other threads on both of these bands, but wanted some recent feedback if possible. We're looking at booking either the Velvet Lounge or Midnight Swing for our reception. Both of the bands have given us similar quotes so the decision wont be based on cost. We want something a little different, doesnt everybody! We're having a DJ after the band so are happy for the band to not play the typical wedding stuff. Any feedback would be grately appreciated!
CuteBride Posts: 34
Oooh Oooh!! I can help with this one! Yay my first helpful post!! :o)ll I seen Midnight Swing play at my h2bs brothers wedding last year. They were class!! The whole place was up on the floor from the beginning and they didn't just do swing they did more modern stuff too! I'm thinking about booking them myself but I'm going to see them at a showcase in March before I do. Want to make sure they're as good as I remember!! I've seen Velvet Lounge before too in the Westin Hotel. They really are top notch! Their singer is class! Haven't seen them at a wedding though. They were very chilled out when I seen them but I'm sure they'd pick up the tempo for a wedding! Another great guy is Connor McKeon...brilliant singer!! Anyway, hope that helps!!
ela28 Posts: 2552
velvet lounge have gotten fab reviews,they sound brilliant have them booked myself,I seen them play but they had a stand in singer,the guys on the instruments were fantastic though,I know I didn't hear the guy that will be singing for us but I have heard him on the website and he has a great voice hth *)