Videographer: Great to have or intrusive??

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blue16 Posts: 201
Hey, OH has put seeds of doubt in my mind about having a videographer. He doesn't like the idea of a camera following us or our guests around all day. I tend to agree but most brides I speak too all advise to get the video. He said he would be happy enough to have a family friend film bits during the day to give an overview. Any advice from brides who had a videographer?? Did you find they were in your face all day. Or if you were a guest, did you find the videographer discrete? Thanks
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Ours was very discrete. A lot of people didn't even realise he was there. I would have really, really regretted not having a DVD now the day is long behind us. We got our wedding DVD about 6-8 weeks after the big day and even at that stage there were little bits of the ceremony we'd totally forgotten. Its also nice to have footage of all your friends/family, you'll never have the chance to do it again. If you book a good professional, there is no way they'll be in your face. Our ceremony space was quite small but even then he wasn't at all intrusive.
LDN Posts: 32
Do you mind me asking who you had?
ATL Photography Posts: 255
Any of the videographers I have worked with have all been very discreet, I hardly knew they were there myself :) A good videographer, like a good photographer, will try to be as discreet as possible as you always get the best material when the bride and groom aren't aware there is a camera on them!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Great to have! I only watched our DVD again at the weekend (I was at a loose end :o0 ) and still absolutely love it. I was resolute about not having a videographer on the day but read so many reports where the bride said she regretted not getting one if she hadn't or that it was the best decision she made if she had. We had JMB Videos and we barely noticed them on the day - they were so discreet. HIghly recommend them if you choose to go ahead with one (Do! you won't regret it!).
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Definitely great to have. LOVE LOVE LOVE watching my DVD. Was worth every penny we spent. Go for it.
Wedding Films Ireland Posts: 26
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macker2b Posts: 720
We are having Keith Malone. He did my best friends wedding a few years back, I was bridesmaid for her. Hand on heart I don't remember him at all that day. He was in the house when we were getting our hair/makeup done, I couldn't pick him out of a lineup. Excuse the waffle but basically what I am saying is that a good videographer should be almost invisable/blend into the backround. no doubt there are spelling mistakes, not firing on all cylinders today so apologies
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
def great to have. We didnt notice our video man at all. He was very discrete and its a great keepsake to have of your day
seedee Posts: 1017
ah bleepity bleep. i had decided NOT to have a videographer. why do i come into these threads?! someone knock their dvd please. noone ever [i:2lbl9xcg]really[/i:2lbl9xcg] watches it, do they?