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frillynickers Posts: 1765
Hey Girls, Just Thought I would pass this on, Im looking to get a vintage style hair comb for my wedding, have checked out all the irish websites including Rangooli, stacey Hannan etc and I cam accross the name of this designer in Cosmo Brides. Anyhoo checked out the website and she has the most beautful hair combs I have come across and the prices with sterling are really great. I priced a similar hair comb in rangolie receantly and it cost 220 euro but these work out for no more than 160 euro or less. Plus they are individual as they are original vinrtage pieces although remounted onto new combs so they would be pretty much 1 of a kind. Going to order mine today.
Ficidy Posts: 1753
Yeah they're gorgeous. Saw ones like them on an American site, but can't remember the name of it. Will look it up when I go home. Shame so many of them have been sold. Really beautiful combs. Thanks for sharing!
frillynickers Posts: 1765
I think its really only the ones on page one which are sold with almost all of the others still for sale
Ficidy Posts: 1753
[quote="frillynickers":nwour4y6]I think its really only the ones on page one which are sold with almost all of the others still for sale[/quote:nwour4y6] Yeah, all the ones I really loved are sold out, but it says to keep checking back as they update it so I'll do that. Do you think we'd ever wear those haircombs again? It's just that they're so expensive I'd be worried about spending that amount of money and never getting another wear out of it.
frillynickers Posts: 1765
The way I am looking at it Ficidy, to buy something similar over here costs alot more, I will most likely sell my dress etc so I want to have a piece I can pass onto my daughter (if I have any) when they get married and a small piece like this is perfect. I dont think I'll be wearing a veil and I have my jewlery for the day already so its a treat for me :)
marquise Posts: 595
Wow they have some stunning pieces there - thanks for the link!
Ficidy Posts: 1753
Hey girls - this is the site I was thinking of earlier. You have to e-mail them for prices, but I did this a while ago and think they're more or less the same as the other one from what I can remember. If you click on the picture of the model it does a close-up on the comb: Edited to say that I just found some of the prices for the above from an old e-mail (think these prices are for the hairpins section though - not the combs): T468 - $175 T471 - $105 T483 - $165 T268 - $135 T321 - $125 T396 - $95
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Girls - thanks a million for posting these. This is exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for, but couldn't find. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll By the way, for those of you having a full-length veil (almost to the floor - I've heard it called a waltz veil?) with a blusher, what are you using to secure it? Is a comb enough or would I need something more substantial, like a tiara/alice band?
kitten_77 Posts: 826
thanks a million for posting - i was looking for a nice vintage broach and that site has some fab ones! blue swallow your hairdresser should be able to give advice regarding securing your veil, i would only be guessing! i imagine if its just tulle and therefore lightweidhg a comb should be enough? Maybe if its beaded/embriodered it might need more securing.
frillynickers Posts: 1765
Im actually thinking of get the mothers a nice broach from the website. Flowers are a lovely idea but I know FMIL wont appreciate them as she'd prefer to grow them herself so a nice fancy broach she can wear on her coat or on a suit would be nice.