Wedding Band for Kerry Wedding 2017

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carnaline Posts: 6
Hello! I am new to this forum, got engaged last month and am now in the middle of wedding planning :) we're getting married 18 Aug in Killarney and are trying to find a good wedding band that will cater for a mixed aged group, not too wedding (I. E. No a ba or rock the boat). Any suggestions? ?
tellebee Posts: 6
Hiya, Congratulations on your engagement! We are getting married in Killarney as well but on 12th August :-). We have booked Renovator, they seem good and lovely to work with. Where are you getting married/ reception? xx
carnaline Posts: 6
Thank you very much! Congratulations on your big day too  We are getting married in the cathedral and our reception is in the Malton. Very excited  And you? Cool, I will look into Renovator; the age group at our wedding will be quite broad (from young children all the way up to adults in their 70’s) so trying to get some bit of a balance! Must get cracking on booking a hairdresser and makeup artist next; would you have any suggestions? I’m not actually from Killarney so am completely relying on the internet for advice!
tellebee Posts: 6
Hey, We get married at the Cathedral too, our reception is going to be at the Gleneagle. My other half is from Killarney, but I am from Scotland and living there at the moment so we are having to do things from afar too. We looked at loads and loads of bands but these guys seem fab, they have a great video on you tube. As for hair and makeup, I have yet to book that. I am back in Killarney in a couple of weeks so will go and have a look. will give you a shout as to what I find..... Less than a year to go now! yay
carnaline Posts: 6
Hiya, I’m so sorry for the late reply! I seemed to have missed the notification about your message. I went to see Renovator in Ballybunion a few weeks ago and they are a great band, good choice. We ended up booking a Galway based band called The Lewd Tunes as they would suit the age group at our wedding a bit more I think. If you’re looking for a photographer I would recommend Ian Cronin, his work is excellent and he’s very pleasant to deal with on the phone so far anyway! Must get myself more organised now an sort out the hair and make-up, Sean Taffe’s salon seems to be getting good reviews online and when I rang them yesterday they were very helpful, although their quote is bit more pricey than others for hair and make-up packages. But you get what you pay for I guess! Best of luck with all your plans 
tellebee Posts: 6
Hi there, my turn for not replying, I was over in Ireland last week getting a few more bits sorted. Its great to get the band sorted, glad you found someone, I was told the big things are church, venue, band and photographer, so now you can relax :-) I have got loads done in the last few weeks (church, venue, band, florist, photographer, dress, hair and make up), I have gone with the girls at Ruby Tuesday for hair and Aifric Rice for make up, they will both be coming out to the hotel in the morning and are lovely too :-) Will have to look for bridesmaid dresses and pre marriage courses in the next few months... happy planning xx
maria76 Posts: 3
Hi I am from Killarney so have heard probably all the wedding bands Killarney has to offer and by far my number 1 wedding band would be Neilly O'Connor he is fantastic .
TaraDonoghuePhotography Posts: 133
Hi Ladies, I have heard Renovator many times and they are young and energetic, we also photographed one of their family weddings last year and it ended up being a great night! They are great for getting everyone on the dance floor! Have you tried Truly Diverse? They are also fantastic.... Neilly O Connor would be slightly more traditional in my opinion so it just depends what you want! Best wishes with your search!!!!