wedding bands in Galway

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nov2010 Posts: 41
Does anyone know any good wedding bands in Galway, some one who plays a bit of traditional music,waltzs....celtic rock type music i suppose. I saw West Awake mentioned on one of the hotels list of wedding suppliers, has anyone heard them play at a wedding??
gem2wed Posts: 86
some of the better bands in the area would be tightrope, pyramid, kif, fraggle rock and busy fingers. Don't have numbers for them but if you google them you'll be able to get contact info and see set lists. Also might be worth ringing events manager in the Quays bar off shop street, they would often have bands playing that style of music and i'm sure would point you in right direction. good luck
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
I am getting married in Carlow but having a band from Galway
sciencegirl Posts: 428
We're having Lewd Tunes - they're travelling to Laois for our wedding. My two SILs had Tightrope and Pyramid at their respective weddings. Great bands!
PixieMom Posts: 838
We had Tightrope for our wedding in December - they were brilliant. Let me know if you want contact details....
SYD Posts: 87
Hi Bobbie, We have just booked the Weightless Astronauts for our wedding next year - went to see them play last weekend - were fantastic - really talented guys. Well able to cater to all ages. Think they play a good bit in the Quay in Galway if you wanted to see them. Another great one is Sean Slattery - we originally were trying to get him but the date was gone & he put us in touch with Weightless Astronauts PM me if you want any contact details. Best of Luck
galwaygirl1977 Posts: 15
Hi, sorry to hijack your question Bobbie but does anyone know anything about a Galway band called Raindance? I'm thinking of booking them on a friend's recommendation... Thanks.
rocj Posts: 799
we have booked the weightless astronauts to .i have heard them play a few times and they are brill. john is lovely to deal with as well. they play everything.
scorb Posts: 1
I am getting married in Belfast and have just been quoted 2400 euro for one wedding band and 1400 sterling for another. What is considered the going rate for wedding bands? I have no clue!
emma_b Posts: 234
I have the weightless astronauts booked as well. Went to see them at a wedding and thought they were great. I think they play at The Quays most Sundays...