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clarebelle Posts: 53
Hi all, so was at the wedding fair in city west looking to book wedding cars there was only one company there that we liked the cars. Anyway they were vintage type rolls royce and limo getting quoted € 695 and this was discount for two cars is this good we are only getting married locally so wouldnt be driving far i think we may have to get one car instead.
clarenenes Posts: 118
Hi Clarebelle. Where are you getting married?
Crissiebelle Posts: 86
Hi Clarebelle, Love the name! :D Ugh, wedding cars a bone of contention with me. I feel that unless you're going to be spending some considerable time in them, in which to really appreciate their luxury. Or unless it's one of your priorities, and you've ALWAYS dreamed of your wedding car... then they're a very expensive addition to your wedding and an un-necessary expenditure. Have a look at this thread viewtopic.php?f=13&t=375196 That aside though, the quote you were given is reasonably average, and not particularly a bargain. The average price for a car is €350 and the accompanying car/limo for Bridal Party €350 (purely based on quotes I received from vendors for a local wedding, like your own). So really, at best you're saving a fiver! So before making the decision I'd see if the budget can comfortably allow it? And if not I'd seriously re-think your options :) xx
ladymacbeth Posts: 713
for me this was never a priority but I remember my brother being so excited booking their car , but they had a 35 minute spin to the hotel after the church so I guess they got use out of it . It really depend what you ant , if you want that vintage car from a movie feel it won't be cheap . If you just want a clean shiny reasonably nice car then most top line cars look great with a wash an polish and a few bows put on . alot of people are scaling back on cars these doys so no one will think anything of it , also some ceremony venues , either church or civil , you don;t actually see the car much, some you do , so that may be a factor. Unless the car person can fit in another wedding that day the fact that you only need it for a one short trip doesn't really matter as its more the 'date' than the actual work involved . Whatever about one car two is absolutely unneccessary unless maybe you've a huge bridal party of overseas non driving people that you need to pile into one car .
rainbowgirl Posts: 100
We paid €250 for our wedding car, a beautiful bentley and the driver was so lovely and alot of fun. I actually thought that was expensive until I read this thread!! So for the bridesmaids and the men we were lucky that family members had 2 really lovely cars that, as someone else mentioned, with a good clean and polish and bows/ribbons etc put on them, they were perfect! We were only a 10 minute drive from the church and 5 minutes from the church to the venue so we didn't spend much time in it at all and we also went in it when taking our photos not too far from the venue but we did get some fab pics of us in it, getting out of it etc.
clarebelle Posts: 53
Thanks for the reply girls i think we are just going to go with the one car we wont be in it for long my venue is very near the church. im just emailing around here getting more quotes before we decide what to go with.
atina Posts: 2240
We paid 250 for a lovely vintage think thats how you spell it!
ggbeaks Posts: 132
I found the same thing when I was looking, they were so expensive. I got 2 cars, a beautiful vintage car and a limo for €550. We are only going across the road, but I want the photos of everyone in the cars and I think it makes it feel a bit more special