Wedding coordinator quit

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weshouldopenabar Posts: 23
I won't name the venue but just got a mail from the coordinator saying they're leaving.has anyone had this did the replacement work out or did you change venue.
Tina2016 Posts: 3
Hi there, This happened to us and I was a bit worried about it initially but we went and met the new coordinator with all the details of what we agreed initially and then also how we wanted the day to run etc. I felt so much more confident after that And actually got us really excited about the venue again. Just drop him or her an email and ask can you pop down to say hello and meet them. Goodluck
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
Happened me a month before but the hotel manager stepped in and was amazing. So much so we were up there for lunch lady month (5 months later) and he remembered us by name and gave us free prosecco. :)
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Happened to us also, don't worry, the hotel know should know how valuable wedding business is & have a new coordinator in place asap. Just bounce on your emails with requests etc to the new person, even if the hotel says they have been passed on already.
weshouldopenabar Posts: 23
Thanks girls I'm less worried now I just hope the replacement has the same enthusiasm for the job