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scrunch Posts: 450
Hi ladies just wondered what everyone is doing about their perfume for the wedding day ? Is Vera Wang really the ultimate fragrance for weddings ? Or Romance by RL ? I'd like something different than I normally wear. My all time fav would be D&G Woman ... bu they don't make it anymore !!!
newyears10 Posts: 13
I think I will wear Chanel no.5 - i don't think you can beat it!!! Vera Wang is really nice too. newyears10
mkb Posts: 1744
i wore Hot Couture Givenchy on mine, My hubbie loves the smell of it on me and they actully stopped making it too so the bottle i have is so preciouse, i'd say go with whatever you and what your h2b likes. also try and get body loition to match your perfume. the sent will last longer.
preghopes Posts: 468
Im going to wear Chanel Chance
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I plan on wearing DKNY Pure, we are getting married in Spain and its just a fresh summery fregrance. I normally wear Chanel Allure, Angel Innocent or Gwen Stefani G :o)ll
scrunch Posts: 450
Am having a winter wedding so I imagine I would need a 'heavier' scent, not too light and floral iykwim ... Tried Miss Dior which is nice.
ohsomarried Posts: 242
i got daisy by Marc Jacobs, I love it. Me and hubby actually went shopping together to get new scents for the wedding day, he got armani diamonds for men, I love the womens one too but I already have it
yvonne9 Posts: 447
YSL Parisienne
scrunch Posts: 450
I tried Miss Dior Cherie yesterday evening and really like it ! Need to find the Vera Wang one this evening .. H2 B working mad hours at the mo so I can feel free to spend hours on 'girly' / 'birds are nuts' things !!!!! url=] [img:2zm5tama];10716;87/st/20110205/e/Our+Wedding+%3A-%29/dt/6/k/1207/event.png[/img:2zm5tama]
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
For me it will be either Chanel Coco Mademoiselle or Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, but I think the Chanel will win out :o)ll