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Suem38 Posts: 1
Hi im looking for advice on our hotel ceremony and reception. The hotel sent me a timeline of the day and we're not happy with this as the photography session is timed for 2 and a half hours, our band is timed to start around 10 and we planned 6 or 7 as our dj is booked for 10. Do we have a choice to map out our own timetable to suit ourselves?
Tracy Davids Posts: 3
Any weddings I've been to, the dinner only starts about 6
SamH88 Posts: 3
We were at a showcase last night and the band said the usual start time is 10pm and its very rare that they would actually get to start at that time because they need about 40 mins to set up and usually don't get access until after 9pm. By the time dinner is served and cleared and tables moved etc there is no way a band can start at 6 or 7 unless you have your meal at like 3. The band we booked will do 2 and a half hours from 10ish and then DJ until 2am.