Wedding Dress Depression

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kiwi09 Posts: 5
OMG am so depressed at the moment as have not found 'the dress', 'the one' yet. I have been dress shopping since August (not every weekend) but now I am at the end of my tether. I know exactly what I want in the dress for and cannot find anything I get that wow factor. The first dress I tried on in Aug, thought that was the one, but now after going back to the shop a few times, I just dont get that wow factor any more. Getting married late Aug next year and am at my wits end that I am leaving it too late. Have considered getting it made and met with a dress maker yesterday but price was extraordinary. I am normally such an organised person on things, but this is really getting me down I thought as there are so many bridal shops, finding a dress would be a doddle (????) Just want to know if there are any other Woolies had or are having similar experiences and if you can you please share (may make me feel so much better). Thanks a mil Kiwi09
Shinney Posts: 266
I havent started looking for my dress yet, Im not getting married until 2011 but it sounds as though your head is wrecked with this. Give it a few weeks break, maybe even until after christmas, forget about it totally. Go in January, arrange a nice day out shopping, lunch etc, not just dress shopping and see what happens. The break will do you good and with fresh eyes I bet you'll find THE ONE. :wv
newyearseve09 Posts: 95
Hey, Was just thinking could you post some of the details you want in a dress, the wollies here are brilliant and someone here might know something like you are looking for.
LM1975 Posts: 61
hi there, I am getting married at the beginning of August and started looking for my dress in July this cut a long story short, I was searching for 4 mths and only got my dress 2 weeks ago!Had been to 32 shops and was getting really pd just stick with it and keep looking..u still have plenty of time left and , after all, it should be a fun experience!!best of luck and dont despair!
kiwi09 Posts: 5
Oh thank you so much for all your replies I can assure you that I feel so so much better after reading the posts of support so far. I hope I explain this well as to the type of dress I am looking for: I love the front style of this dress: (long story short, they only have the dress in dark ivory which compared to the other dresses is a light gold and the white is too white (makes me look ill even with a hint of tan) I love the corset back detail and style on this dress (I actually love this dress but there is too much glass beading on the bust and this was initially the first dress I tried on) However both the above combination with a little less bling..... I know I may never get the above combination, but in terms, looking for a-line corset tie with a bit of bling, but not too much..... Thanks so much, again. Not a good day for me today, first shock of my life for the price of getting a dress made and second for Irish Rugby result.....
Shinney Posts: 266
I know its no consolation to you but I do love the first dress, pity about the colour problem. Id leave it a while, go again in jan, have a look around and maybe try both on again and see how you feel. You'll get there, otherwise you can start a trend in walking up the aisle in jeans and a rugby jersy :o0 :o0
kiwi09 Posts: 5
Hi Shinney Yes I was seriously considering that myself lol! Its such a pity about the first dress tho and the colour, even the stockist was surprised at how dark the 'dark ivory' was too Again thank you again for your support on this post, feeling much better already
Spring07 Posts: 130
have you looked at the MS Rosemary Leigh dress? This was mine (without the sleeves) and it kinda has your requirements. It might not suit you at all but thought i'd mention it.
cazzie5 Posts: 117
Hi I just wanted to suggest maybe that you try on a veil or the accessory you want to go with along with the dresses that you really like. It wasn't till I did that with mine that I really got the wow factor, if I hadn't I know I would still be looking. *)
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Another thing to bare in mind is that the majority of designers can make the dress with either a zip or corset back - so I was told anyway - so if you see one with a zip make sure to ask!