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Secondtimelucky Posts: 5
Morning ladies. Anyone have a recommendation for a place where I can get a great priced wedding dress, less than 1k around Dublin. I am happy buying samples or off the rack. Would like something with lace ☺️
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Would you consider here: They're actually brand new dresses. Or if you'd go 2nd hand, there's lots on Another option is to keep an eye out for sample sales
Murrayr1 Posts: 7
Bernardo's in Dun Laoghaire have a bridal section upstairs. What's great is that all these dresses and veils are NOT second hand. They are all designer dresses that were used in photo shoots of put on models. Then donated to charity. The labels are cut off so you can't re sell them for a profit. I know a lot of girls who got dresses here for around the €400 mark. They ask that you donate the dress to a charity shop after though. It's a proper bridal shop and you must make an appointment.
Murrayr1 Posts: 7
Also if you don't see anything you like.. Go again a month later coz they get in new stock all the time and have a good variety of sizes. My sister got her dress here and you'd swear it was made for her!
crazycatlady15 Posts: 149
My sis bought a pre-loved dress from Memories in Temple Bar. It was absolutely beautiful.
CasualBride Posts: 574
Memories have a great selection - I got mine there for €850
lynchswife Posts: 81
i second memories bridal in town. Went in with a €1k budget and was shown loads of dresses that were under budget (one was as low as €650) and my dress cost €995 in the end. While Barnardos and Oxfam are great, they rarely stock dresses bigger than a size 12 bridal (which is a size 10 in real life) if your a 14 or bigger they don't have much stock. They had literally one dress in a 16 when I was looking so told me not to bother making an appointment.