Wedding dress stain

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Bottler Posts: 13
A few weeks ago I tried on my dress in shop, and left it there until today when I collected it to bring it home. When I got home I noticed a stain on the front of it that wasn't there when I tried it on. I have compared photos from today and from when I tried it on, it def wasn't there. What should I do? Haven't contacted shop yet but should they clean it for me or sort it out?
Ccmcl Posts: 49
Hi bottler. I haven't been through this but I would think you should definitely contact the shop as soon as possible. If the stain happened in the shop hopefully they will sort it out!
lorrimar Posts: 837
I would definitely contact the shop and tell them. If it happened in the shop then it is their responsibilty to fix it. You have the photos to prove there was no stain on it when you tried it on.