Wedding dresses for a short a.r.s.e !!

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Babyloco Posts: 964
Im only 5'0 and im worried about what style of dress would suit me-i havent tried any on yet as the planned day is still too far away. I worry that i will look silly and like im wearing a communion dress :o0 What have other small brides gone for?
bangel Posts: 2285
Unless you are really tall, wedding dresses will generally be too long on you! When you are going to try dresses on, bring a pair of heels with you (approximately the height you will want to wear on your wedding day) I'm 4'10" and found a dress really easily despite my massive boobs. The only thing you will need to look out for is any detail on the bottom of the dress that will be lost if it is taken up. I went for this dress; the collar makes me look taller! [img:1la4y47z][/img:1la4y47z]
Babyloco Posts: 964
Yeah i know what you mean about detailing around the bottom. I love this style of dress, lots of lace and with a mermaid shape but i dont know if it would be possible for me [img:25lf5c7w][/img:25lf5c7w] My other problem is that i cant go for really high heels as h2b is only 5'5 :-8
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Fab dress Marilyn!! You won't know til you try them on though, I'm 5'1" and I thought some dresses would absolutley drown me and one of those that I thought would I actually ended up buying, when I tried it on I fell in love with it and surprisingly enough it didn't swamp me at all. It really depends on the dress, hope you get something to suit and that you really :lvs :wv
keyra Posts: 801
I know exactly what you mean, i'm 5ft 2" and had a terrible time finding a dress, all the full skirted ones swamped me and made me look smaller. I went for this in the end by Maggie Sottero and got small straps made for it. I think it makes me appear taller (the 4" heels definately help :o0 ) [img:3p4z0qi9][/img:3p4z0qi9] [img:3p4z0qi9][/img:3p4z0qi9]
Babyloco Posts: 964
Thats a gorgeous dress Morrigin[img:pmonv3w2][/img:pmonv3w2] And it has the lace that i love-ill definitly consider it :lvs I was considering a short dress, maybe a fifties style,but that one seems even better. Oh im really not sure- just have to wait a while longer to see. I cant wait to start trying on :o)ll :o)ll
mrs_c_to_be Posts: 534
Lovin Morrigin's choice but I have to say I totally :lvs the 50s prom style wedding dresses! Apparently they're very "on-trend" also
mrsandmr Posts: 366
I'm 5 0 and have gone for a mermaid style, I really love and you'll be amazed at how tall they make you look.
Babyloco Posts: 964
Great girls you are all giving me hope :o)ll :o)ll H2B has told me he is expecting me in a short dress as i never wear dresses below my knee so i dont know whether to go for it or surprise him.
bijou Posts: 1154
Hi girls - I'm 5"1 - 34E bust, short neck, small waist, big hips - any strapless or halterneck dresses made me look like I was hit with a mallet ;o( This is what I went for - off the peg sample dress - I loved it! [img][img][/img][/img]