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MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
hey a friend of mine was at a wedding recently and they played a few games.. she was suggesting i do the same.. not really too sure about this.. has anyone heard of anyone doing this?? looked on line big in the states.. but my god a lot of them are just cringe worthy!!!
Aurge Posts: 1456
No Iv never heard of this. It does sound a bit like a cringe fest alright :o0 What kind of games??
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
1 was coming up with the best caption for photos the had of themselves on the table.. there was something else but can't think of it...
August08bride Posts: 139
I was at a wedding that did this!! have to admit it really was cringeworthy (well, this particular game anyway, I really like the idea of some more low key ones - would be nice) It was basically a quiz show about the bride and groom :-8 This guy got up with the mic and asked a series of questions about the bride and groom e.g. "where did x and x meet?" "was it A. such and such a place, B. ... (and so on)" then "where did x and x go for their first date" and more multiple choice answers - oh God I blush for them when I think of it!!. Anyway, whoever (put their hand up) and answered correctly got a prize e.g. bottle of aftershave, bottle of wine... horrible, IMO!!!
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
Oh no it sounds like a lot of work - for whatever unfortunate has to devise and organise the games and even more for the guests.
squiggles Posts: 243
I would hate to have to participate in one of these games as a guest at a wedding. Def won't be organising anything like that for my big day !
sonopotere Posts: 1124
i like the idea of having somethin, but dont want any cringy stuff, or anythin that has to stop the day for guests etc like that. I was thinking of buying these for the tables, just for fun or to help guests mingle if they need it, but wouldnt have to bother with it if they dont want to? ... x_60_cards
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
Fcuk no! Quizzes are something you do for charity or when you're waiting for a train. It would be like admitting you think your wedding is dull, dull, dull.
eclair Posts: 243
I would love to do this at my wedding, I remember being at a wedding when I was younger where they played games and everyone got into the swing of it, only problem is I cant remember what the games were. Any ideas?
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
i was going to get trivia boxes too just for the people amount the table to do.. they might look at it funny at first but it'd get the people at the table mingling together and might give them a bit of a laugh was what i was thinking.. i saw one marriage advice 101, where everyone writes down a tip for the bride and groom, and the best and funniest win a prize.. i don't know though..