Wedding post box for hire

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happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
My new addition - wedding postbox for all the cards and notes guests want to give. Think that it would work really well if you set up a little table with the postbox, some pens and paper or a vintage typewriter. The postbox comes with personalised info panel and has a lock on the back. I'm hiring them out and have a few bookings for 2013 already so please contact me if you're interested. [img:36zvi7sa][/img:36zvi7sa]
Sheldonsfan Posts: 350
Aw thats very cute!!
happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
Just bumping this up for all new WOL members.
susiesun Posts: 291
How heavy is this please? and can you please pm me the price for hire? Thanks
happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
PM sent
leitrimbride2013 Posts: 29
How much? Where are you based? Thanks
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chilis Posts: 149
How much is this? Great idea!
happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
PMs sent
somedaymrs Posts: 68
Love this idea,how much to hire???
Autumngirl Posts: 1
Cute! How much, where do you deliver etc? Thanks.