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eclair Posts: 243
I remember being at a few weddings years and years ago where at the reception different games were played that everyone could get involved in which was great fun. Anyone know of any wedding reception games and been to a wedding lately where any games were played?
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
you could buy garden games such as hoops draughts etc and use them. i was going to do this for my weding but ran out of time but it rained anyhow for part of the day and things moved long smoothly enough without it
eclair Posts: 243
Anyone have any ideas for some fun games? :o)ll
princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
There was a thread about table names here a few days ago where someone was naming their tables after TV shows or films (can't remember which) and had a quiz about that programme/film on the table. she said that people swapped the quizzes amongst the tables afterwards.
micksmrs Posts: 931
I have never heard of this anywhere. While it is a nice idea, I dont think your guests will expect games at the tables to be honest you might be putting a lot of extra work on yourself. People generally tend to chat during the dinner its not like they will be bored and you need to entertain them.
LV Posts: 175
I got ice breaker trivia cards on Ebay. Thought it was a nice idea, everyone loves a little quiz. I am just going to put a box on each table and they can do what they like with them. They are only small boxes and you can get them in gold/silver. I wouldn't organise any games though, its a little school camp! lv
jammydodgers Posts: 42
I was recently at a weddding where each table had a little quiz - it was a great idea, as LV said, everybody loves a quiz
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
oh love the idea of a table quiz!!!!!!!! Haven't been at a wedding with games though, could be fun!!! :o)ll