Week of Wedding - things to need to be done

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Kitty10 Posts: 20
What exactly has a bride to do the week or so of her wedding? I am trying to decide when I need to finish up working so just wondering what are the small bits I might not be thinking of?
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
I'm currently thinking about this too, with just 3 weeks to go. OK we have the mass rehearsal 3 days before the wedding... ...then the various beauty treatments have to be booked in - tan, nails, wax, lash tint etc. Dropping stuff to hotel the day or two beforehand...having visitors drop up to the house....washing, ironing & packing for the honeymoon...touch base with all suppliers...drop unity candles to the florist & the cake topper to the baker. Getting mass booklets sorted this week & have had final dress fitting, along with hair & make up trials. Confirm final numbers & table plan with hotel. Can't think of anything else but no doubt there are more jobs to do that week!
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
All I had left to do the week of our wedding was reconfirming with suppliers, (only took a few mins of a phone call) , dropped suitcases etc to hotel 2 days before the wedding, got nails done night before wedding. Rehearsal was 3 days before the wedding in the evening time, took about 30 mins. Other than that I just chilled out, drank and ate rings around myself with relations home from Australia. would you not pack your suitcase for your honeymoon before that so you don't have much to do in the week running up to it so you can chill out.
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
I only had a day and a half off...we did our DIY stuff two weeks before the wedding (purposely stayed away from things like DIY cakes etc that have to be done last minute). We got married on Saturday so Thursday afternoon we dropped everything to the hotel, picked up my dress and some other bits. Friday morning I had my nails done and a back massage and lay around all day (in the hotel). We had a big family dinner then that evening. We had no rehersal as it was civil and I didn't leave from my parents house or anything so no visitors etc. Worked well for us...might not work for everyone. I'd say two days usually does it, but I know some people would take a lot more.
Kitty10 Posts: 20
I was planning on working right up until lunch time the day before the wedding, am I mad? I am a pretty organised person, the florist lives beside my house so can drop candles to her anytime and my aunts friend is sorting my cake and setting it up in the hotel
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
No it'll be fine. I did nothing wiht the Friday..it was Good Friday so I had it off anyway! More in terms of whether you feel you might need a bit of relaxation time and if you'll get out on time from work! I just got my florist to buy the candles.
BusyBee29 Posts: 368
Maybe include a date with your husband to be that week!! Sometimes h2b can be overlooked! Even though I was organised I still ended up trying to do all the above mentioned things while smaller things cropped up! I recommend having directions ready in email format for suppliers ie photographer & driver if needed and of course guests!!! We had numerous people request these even though they were sent with invite!! One guest even request a picture of church so that they could recognise it! Ha ha!
Kitty10 Posts: 20
Is there anything else anyone can think that needs to be done the week if the wedding?
Friday13 Posts: 354
Stay off carbs and drink and sugar.. i did this last week and i was shocked as to how much flatter my belly was after 5 days of it!!! Anyway, what else.. give flower girls and bridesmaids their outfits? Lol at busybee and the person showing the church photograph.. good point though. i'm currently doing up a doc that i'm going to email to everyone and get them to print it off. LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE is my motto.