Weight Watchers in Galway - which class has best leader?

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sueblue Posts: 116
I need to go back & face the music, have about a stone to lose to be at healthy bmi, anything after that would be a great bonus. I have zero motivation. Zilch/zero/nada - and I eat too much, all the time.... O:| Soooo, I used to go to WW to a class in the city centre which had a lady called Siobhan running it. Anyone know if she still runs classes around town, or who is the best leader for WW in Galway? Or perhaps I should give the Galway Slimming world a go? Wedding is in September so I need to get moving (and stop convincing myself that it'll fall off me between now and then - it won't if I continue the way I'm going'. Thanks all!
Bond Brothers Posts: 68
Hi sueblu I know weight watchers can be great but have you tried an alternative. I know a guy down there pat divilly is his name, look him up on google. He does classes down your neck of the woods and id highly recommend him :) Brendan
sueblue Posts: 116
Thanks for replies. Pardon my ignorance, what is BFL?! I've started doing exercise classes twice a week, but need to do a big clean up on the food front. Pat Divilly look like he has great success - but I think he possibly uses an elimination diet alongside the exercise and I just dont think that would suit me. Less than 14 weeks to wedding, need to face the music of some sort of public weigh in I think, as I'm only hiding the scales under the bed at home :-8