wends and eating!!!

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prettymolly Posts: 43
ladies is it just me or does anybody else find you are almost saint ike with eating mon to thurs and wend s are a total wipeout????i know routine is different,going out having hangovers doesnt help!! i know its fine to have a treat day but mine always ends up being the whole boody wend!!!! x
Fuss Pot Posts: 405
This is me all over! I am the exact same!!! It is totally my downfall, I can do really well all week, eating healthy, doing exercise and then BAM! Friday evening arrives and it's as if something goes off in my brain that says "Now, eat all around you, sure its the weekend, it doesn't matter"! But I end up undoing all the good work from during the week :o( I wouldn't mind but I work shift/weekends so its not as if I'm in a Mon - Fri 9 to 5 frame of mind, and like you say, if I have a hangover then any good intentions go out the window and I crave bold food. It's such a bad habit I have to break! O:|
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I know. And all the calories in booze too :duh:
daisy2012 Posts: 619
I could have wrote this post..... weekends are my bold time. And I get bad munchies after I've been drinking. Yesterday I had a Thai takeaway and a whole giant bag of meanies. And jellies, lots of em. I'm a disgrace....
plainsconesonly Posts: 300
I thought I was the only one like this!! I am really trying to change my frame of mind though. Im soooo good during the week then friday comes and all I can think about is food! Thats sad really I know! Im after breakfast and im planning my lunch and dinner!