what are you all doing the day after?

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007 Posts: 1462
wondering what most people are up to.. its seems to have become a tradition to have a second 'session' the next day.. its not possible for us to stay a second night in the hotel as the venue is booked out completely for one wedding a day when you book it so it will be someone elses venue the next day if you know what i mean... its going to be in march for a bbq prob isnt a gr8 option.. any ideas? night in another nearby hotel? house party for close friends and family? take over the local and supply finger food?
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Some people do meet up the day after and some dont, I think you should all just meet up at a local pub and have finger food, less hassle than having everyone over to your house
clucky Posts: 26471
i am kicking all my family on to a plane back to irland and having 3 days of a sex marathon before coming home ourselves
notlongnow Posts: 474
007- theres a similar post to this in the main forum that was put up today. lots of ppl seem to spend the day with family and close friends. we're going to spend two days in a hotel by the beach with friends and then head off on honeymoon. we're not doing a family thing which i do feel a little guilty about... :?
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
i think we will go for another night in hotel. and possibly go out for dinner with all who remain. def into making it a longer party...then chill for a couple of days and then head on honeymoon!
charli Posts: 5994
Going to see the Pope. no really we are :lol: , he does an audience inSt. Peter's Square in the Vatican every wednesday, 100,000 people! we are getting wed on tuesday so will do that the following day, followed by more food and drink id imagine!