what are you paying for your bridesmaids?

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anika Posts: 2194
i am in the process of ordering the bridesmaids dresses. obviously i will pay for them myself. i will get them the jewellery as their bm present. but i am not really sure what to do about the shoes and their bags? are you paying for those as well? we dont do the tan, so thats out anyway, but what about the hair and make up? any opinions are much appreciated. :thnk
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
im paying for dress, shoes, fur wraps, jewelry (present) hair, make up & hotel room that night. each to their own, pay for what you can afford. :thnk
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I'm buying the BM dresses, shoes, jewellery and paying for their hair and make up. I'll also pay for the accommadtion for the bridal party aswell. We had factored it into our budget anyway. I wanted to do this for them from the beginning.
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
I started a thread the same as this one before, I, like you was going to pay for the dresses (which cost over a grand for three) and the pressies, but as time has gone on I fell into paying for more things, one of my BM is my cousin and I was her BM and she paid for my hair so I paid for her hair trial/her clip in hair extentions and will pay for her hair on the day (€135) My baby sister is my BM too so I have paid for loads for her too like the hen weekend accommodation on the night of wedding etc etc etc... I just think there are no rules its just what ever you can afford. I know at the mo one of my BM's is very tight for money so that is why I feel the need to pay that little extra for her. :wv
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
it really depends on you and your bm's, i'm paying for dresses, shoes, hair make up and jewellery, i have asked them to do their own tan, i would hope that wouldn't be too much to ask for!! in fairness to them, they had offered to buy their own dresses and stuff, mmmm, i wonder what would have happened if i'd said yes!! everyone does things differently, i have even heard of someone even buying the underwear for their bms!!
discounter Posts: 441
I'm paying for dresses and hair.... not sure about make up yet. They are buying their own shoes and they will get their own tan (if they want it). I will buy jewellery as their presents.
happieout Posts: 3111
i'm just paying for my bm dresses. I was fully prepared to pay for their shoes, hair and makeup but both my sisters insisted that I only pay for the dresses. the three of us will have the other two as our bms so we'll do the same for the three of us. Will get them both nice presents obviously. if either of them were students, unemployed or much younger, then it'd be different.
fish12 Posts: 389
Redpunto Posts: 224
Im just paying for their dresses - I'd love to pay for everything for them but just dont have the money for it.
SuziQ Posts: 428
Im the same as you redpunto, I said I was buying their dresses. I let them pick the style they want as Im letting them keep it as a gift. Im also gona buy a chain and earrings for them (I insisted it had to be silver but now Im thinking it'll have to be costume as Im smashed) My sisters and other BM understand that we're so broke and have said they will sort their own hair and makeup but I haven't told them yet but Im getting a hairdresser into the house early in the morn and she's gona do my hair first then my mams then whoever else wants it....