What "bad/naughty" food do you give your LO?

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sunnyside4 Posts: 731
My DH is much stricter than I am with DS in terms of food. He's 15 months old and the only chocolate he's ever had was about three days ago when I let him take a bite of a chocolate covered fudge sweet from a box of quality street (don't tell DH!). His face lit up with the taste :o0 He gets the organix carrott sticks, corn rings etc but not 'real' crisps. For other biscuit type snacks he gets organix gingerbread men or heinz biscotti (I'm sure they are just a gimmick and have same sugar as ordinary biscuits). Sometimes I give him a handful of cheerios after his breakfast and he likes them. Just wondering if we are being too cautious. Will he go on a sugar frenzy when he does get it?! I was quite conscious of making my own food for him but now with being at work we rely on convenience things a bit more and I've started to give him the odd potato waffle etc. Do your LO's get much sweets/chocolate/ processed food?
jen09 Posts: 1390
When we were younger we were never allowed sweets or chocolate or any bad food. We always had to eat everything in front of us & could be sat at dinner table for hrs on end eating dinner that had been reheated time & time again. As a result I have a dreadful relationship with food & comfort eat more than I should. My sister who is 7yrs younger was treated much differently; she was given sweets & choc etc & wasn't made eat every morsel on her plate etc & as a result she has a very healthy attitude to food - everything in moderation. So for my dd I follow the everything in moderation line; Monday - Friday she eats home cooked foods & if she wants a snack she gets a piece of good quality cheedar cheese, some ham perhaps & else the Organix elephant/gingerman biscuits. At the weekend we splash out a wee bit; she'll have a turkey sausage & waffle with beans with her daddy on a Sunday morning & after her dinner on Sunday she has a tiny bag of white chocolate buttons; she never asks for chocolate outside of this time as she knows its a treat on Sundays only. I think as long as kids have a healthy & varied diet a lot of the time some bold/processed foods now & again won't kill them
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
hey sunny, we give DS the carrot sticks, rings and biscotti too. We also give him some 'naughty' food like nutella, fish fingers, brioche. What else? I give him bits of choc, not alot though. I have always made his dinners but tea time can be a bit hard to plan for/accomadate. So I find fish fingers handy and he loves them.
sunnyside4 Posts: 731
yeah I think you're right Jen. I'm gradually letting DS have a few treats as they never did me any harm. Its also easier when we are out to be able to grab him something quick to eat that isn't necessarily home cooked/low salt/low sugar. Plus one of the things i love is when DS shows interest in our food and wants to try it. So I suppose as long as it's not too often/too bad then no harm.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
sunny, I don't know about your DS, but ours is such a scabber of food, it's unreal!! Its gotten to the stage that neither DH nor I can eat anything in front of him as he wants some! The second he sees us with food, he's over in between our legs looking for some, no matter what it is. We usually give him a little nibble if we can. He gets scraps in our house!! :o0
Hearts07 Posts: 540
We let our DS taste anything we are eating (once not to spicy). My Granny always said to let them try everything so they won't become fussy or greedy. DS will then decide if he likes it or not and so far hes a great eater. As for treats we often give him natural confectionary jellies (these are his favourite). He gets snax crips. Organix food. White buttons (usually just at the weekend). Plain rich tea biscuit or a pink wafer biscuit. It sounds like we give him loads of junk but he doesn't get something every day, usually just if DH is off or if its the weekend. For dinner I give DS home made food 95% of the time and for tea he gets rice, fish fingers, spagetti hoops etc. I think a small bit of anything is good. As children we use to get penguin bars, wagon wheels and crisps in our lunchbox sometimes and now both myself and my brother could have a bar of chocolate there and leave it there for weeks whereas I find children who are deprived can sometimes over indulge as they get older. Hope that helps (which I do sometimes but I could take or leave sweet food)
Always_hoping Posts: 32
Ds always has a home cooked dinner - potatoes, meat and veg. He usually has something nice after his dinner :-8 It could be a fig roll, pink wafer, jaffa cake(closest thing to chocolate he has), icecream, snax crisps, digestive, rich tea, liga, etc. I feel it's nice but not hard core bars of choc!!!
shootingstar Posts: 1340
Reading all your posts it makes me feel like the worse mother in the world!! :-8 :-8 DD does get her 4 home made meals a day but in betweens she would nibble on bisuits, lollies, crisps and choc?? :-8 Im not saying she gets these everyday but she would get 1 a day I would say? Now sometimes she would prefere to nibble on an apple rather than have a bar of chocolate or have a real carrot stick rahter than have crisps? But her favourite that she realised that she can eat are lollipops! She wouldnt have these very often as I would never have a supply in the house, but over halloween I had them for them for the trick or treaters and she found them and she had 2 of them, I cringe to see her with them in her mouth, 1. cuz if she fell and the stick when down her throat and 2. her wee teeth will be ruined. Another thing she loves is drinking from cans, she has it mastered down to a tee that it doesnt spill on her and her favourite is coke!! but as and from the new year, no coke or fizzy drinks are allowed in my house!! Its not fair on her! I feel that if she is getting enough nutrition through out the day and she eats what we cook for her then she deserves a treat every now and again.
NiamhOct06 Posts: 1253
We have such a fussy eater on our hands that we have tried almost all foods, healthy or otherwise. He will eat potato waffles, but won't eat fish fingers or chips. We brought him to McDonalds for a happy meal and he had about 3 chips! He gets a few snax every now and again, once a week I'd say. And he gets organix carrott sticks, corn rings and liga on other days. I might give him one or two to suck on after dinner or tea. I can't actually give him any snacks or he will not eat any of his meals! I give him a few smarties or white buttons too. I'll give him a few and he will eat what he wants and throw the others over the side of the high chair or play with them in a bowl. :ooh I'd gladly give him a bit of processed food, if he would eat it! He just doesn't have the same appetite as your LO's.
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Our DD is like Weds DS she will not leave us alone when we are eating and we let her try whatever it is - DH was eating a gerkin one day and she had it no bother! In terms of treats she gets a digestive bikkie when she is Nanas - she know where to find them and as long as she can get one herself is happy with the one - she also gets waffles and fish fingers (actually I don't think FF are a bad food!) and biscotti - she loves chips though and if we are having lunch in a pub or something we usually let her have a few - I bought nutella crepes yesterday but all she did was pull it apart and smear the nutella all over her face! She has a very sweet tooth so I try not to give her chocolate as she would eat it all day! Thankfully she would also eat fruit till it came out her ears but I know too much fruit isn't great either! I don't think the odd bit of bad food is bad at all and as long as they don't get it everyday in huge amounts I wouldn't worry too much